7 Ways To Identify Your Top Talent Through Online Training Activities
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7 Ways To Identify Your Top Talent Through Online Training Activities

Do you know how to spot staff members who are destined to become team leaders, or surpass their co-workers with stellar sales and service? In this article, we’ll highlight 7 tips to use online training activities to see which employees are rising stars.

How To Identify Your Top Talent Through Online Training Activities

It can be challenging to tell which employees will become top performers and which will eventually leave the organization, taking all of their training and expertise along with them.

However, there are ways to spot the difference with the help of an effective online training program. Doing so can help you allocate your resources more effectively and improve your profit margin. Here are 7 tips to identify top performers within your organization through online training activities.

1. Develop Troubleshooting Branching Scenarios

A good way to differentiate top performers from the rest of your staff is to apply pressure. Not too much, of course, as you don’t want to overwhelm employees. Troubleshooting branching scenarios allow you to determine how individuals perform in stressful situations. Namely, when they are faced with a challenge or problem that requires a high degree of lateral thinking skills. For example, IT techs must handle a customer issue that involves advanced knowledge of the operating system.

In addition to branching scenarios, real-world examples and case studies paired with interactive online assessments can also test troubleshooting abilities. Start with a real-world example or story, then ask how employees would handle the same situation. What would they do differently? Do they think the main online training character handled the issue tactfully?

2. Use Simulations To Evaluate Real-World Performance

You can conduct on-the-job observations. However, this involves real customers and real risks. Not to mention, it’s more difficult to gather the performance data and measure it effectively.

Thankfully, online training simulations give you the power to observe employees and transform it into actionable data. You can analyze every decision or action to get inside their thought process.

Furthermore, online training simulations test their ability to apply their skills in a practical way, instead of merely memorizing the information.

3. Provide Voluntary Certification Online Training Courses

Top performers are usually go-getters who take the opportunity to continually improve. They don’t settle for the status quo and demand more from themselves. This means that they’ll jump at the chance to enroll in a voluntary certification training course that allows them to upskill.

They are also likely to explore a work-related topic or tasks that pertain to other departments just in case they ever need to fill in for a co-worker and broaden their experience.

For better results, create shorter, more targeted online training courses that center on individual skills or tasks. Those who sign up for optional certification online training programs are taking their training into their own hands. As such, they are dedicated to their professional growth and willing to go the extra mile to achieve their long-term goals.

4. Host Live Training Events To Pinpoint Active Participators

Live online training events are engaging, but most employees still dread the very thought of them. Especially when they are mandatory and involve dry or dull topics.

That said, top talent will still actively participate in these events because they know they are advantageous. They understand that online training webinars give them the power to ask questions and interact directly with online instructors, as well as to prove that they have what it takes to be a valued member of your organization.

During the online training event, look for employees who regularly post comments, share ideas, and encourage their peers.

Ways to identify top talent through online training activities - TalentLMS Blog

5. Incorporate Gamification Features

Gamification takes care of two problems at once. Firstly, it motivates corporate learners who may otherwise be distracted or less driven than their pro-active counterparts. Secondly, it shines the spotlight on top performers who are faring better than their peers. Employees who earn more badges, points, or advance through levels more rapidly are typically your top talent.

The same principle applies to leaderboards. Those at the top of the board have worked diligently to get there and have not underrated the importance of ongoing training. Likewise, employees at the bottom are probably disinterested in online training and might plan on leaving your organization in the near future. There’s no sense in trying to advance if they aren’t in it for the long haul.

6. Leverage Quizzes To Gauge Employee Progress

Continual improvement is a good indication that employees are willing to put in more training time. Pre-assessments and final exams can help you determine how far an employee has come and how quickly.

For example, their initial online assessment showed that they lacked crucial skill sets and had limited product knowledge. In the end, they filled all the pre-existing gaps and knew all the product specs and features. They made an effort to address their weaknesses, which shows that they are dedicated to their own development. On the other hand, those who progress more slowly or are unable to bridge gaps don’t fall into the same category.

7. Evaluate LMS Reports To Look For Emerging Talent

A notable advantage of using Learning Management Systems is that you have access to detailed reports. Thus, you’re able to see how employees are performing and what they still need to work on in order to achieve their potential.

You can get a general overview of how they stack up against their peers via group reports or evaluate individual LMS metrics to identify where they excel and how you can use their talents more effectively within the organization.

It’s crucial to invest in an LMS that offers reporting and analytics so that you can continually track employee progress and pinpoint staff members who acknowledge their areas for improvement and take action.


Who are your top performers? Which team members are more likely to remain with your organization for years to come and continually hone their talents? These 7 tips can help you identify employees who deserve a spot at the top of your corporate ladder.

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