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LocationToronto, Canada
Use caseEmployee Training, Onboarding Training

About The Burnie Group

The Burnie Group is a Canadian-based management consulting firm that helps clients improve their businesses through the application of innovative strategy, rigorous analysis, world-class technology, and the continuous pursuit of operations excellence.

The Burnie Group specializes in Strategy, Operations, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Workforce Management (WFM). Their programs deliver measurable, transparent, and guaranteed results.

The Burnie Group has been ranked in the top 100 of Canada’s fastest-growing companies twice.

The training challenge

As part of their work, The Burnie Group relies on several software solutions to help their clients address their operational challenges. This entails extensive training of all users in the clients’ organization during implementation, but also as new employees join their clients’ companies. The training cycle is repeated on an ongoing basis every 3 – 4 months.

“We have a software platform that we use as part of one of our main programs and it comes with a built-in training solution”, explains Tania Vaillancourt, Consultant in the Strategy & Operations practice. “You’d think this built-in training solution would have good synergy with the software it comes with, but it did not.”

“One of the biggest pain points was the constant updates, with every update just making things more difficult for us”, Tania remembers.

The team also found that this solution involved a lot of manual work. “And,” as Tania points out, “manual work can lead to errors.”

As they looked to the future, where they would be onboarding more clients as well as training internal employees, they knew they needed to find a better training software solution.

Why The Burnie Group chose TalentLMS

“Honestly, when we started looking for alternatives, we didn’t think we’d find something better,” says Tania. “We just thought it would be the same, with fewer updates.”

After lots of research, The Burnie Group narrowed their options down to four platforms – and TalentLMS won.

“TalentLMS had the functionality we needed, but it was also the biggest winner on cost,” says Tania. “It had a white-label option which we wanted, because as a consulting firm it allows us to look more polished.”


The results

The Burnie Group has used TalentLMS for three client-training cycles so far.

“We keep getting better and better feedback from our clients,” says Tania. “TalentLMS has also rolled out more functionality since we first started using the platform, and it’s always useful functionality. The updates don’t make it harder for us to learn. Instead, they improve the quality of our training, while decreasing the amount of manual work required.”

Overall, TalentLMS has decreased the amount of work that a training program can create. When The Burnie Group was still using their previous built-in training solution, they would get weekly tickets from clients saying “This isn’t working” or “This isn’t available to me.” Since they didn’t have full admin rights, they couldn’t figure out why.

“TalentLMS has helped so much by giving us full control of our content. And the automation rules, the drip-feed content, and the Certification Engine have completely eliminated some very manual processes for us.”

Tania has also noticed that completion rates are higher and exam results are improving, too.

“I haven’t run statistics yet. But I’m sure the platform impacts the results, because it makes learning easy for participants. This gives us the power to coach these clients as they progress.”

With TalentLMS working so well with their client training, The Burnie Group training team realized they can use it for internal training as well.

“Any training that’s external from our software provider, we can now migrate into TalentLMS. It’s going to be really useful for us internally and we’re looking forward to rolling that out, too.”

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