An LMS for Food & Beverage training

The food & beverage LMS made for product and service training

Whether it’s sales, product, or restaurant training, the right learning management system will help ensure that your employees are ready to provide customers with the best service possible.

Why an LMS is a key ingredient for Food Industry training

From food processing and chemistry, to manufacturing, the Food & Beverage industry is a multifaceted sector with numerous specialties. Training needs involve all tiers of operation, from the food scientists designing new snacks down to the workers responsible for their storage and delivery. Training for the Food & Beverage industry can span across many facilities and countries.

In other words, the Food & Beverage industry has just the kind of training needs that eLearning was designed to solve.

  • It scales to hundreds of thousands of learners
  • It caters to employees in different labs, production facilities, cities, countries and time zones
  • It serves the same standardized material (e.g. new FDA regulations) to all learners
  • It's able to respond quickly to new training demands
  • It provides tools to help assess its own effectiveness
  • It's cost effective and has a high return on investment

A Survey of F&B employees found 3 compelling reasons
why companies need to invest in training

  1. 62%

    of respondents say

    lack of training would make
    them leave their company

  2. 53%

    of respondents say

    regular training boosts loyalty
    to their company

  3. 68%

    of respondents say

    regular training has improved
    their on-the-job performance

LMS features responding to real Food & Beverage industry needs

  1. 1
    eLearning enables managers and instructors to create new online training material effortlessly and deploy new courses as fast as the need arises, whether to train employees on how to produce a new product, or to inform them of the latest food safety guidelines.
  2. 2
    In the Food & Beverage industry, you need to be able to serve the exact same material, in the same manner, across all of your facilities. Standardized and centralized eLearning-based training ensures that all your employees are taught the exact same standardized material.
  3. 3
    A learning management system gives Food & Beverage industry employees the flexibility to study at their own pace outside of time-consuming physical classes. This process can be extremely liberating for learners and minimizes production downtimes.
  4. 4
    Scalable and cost-effective: Food & Beverage enterprises with multiple facilities and operations across many cities, states and even countries. Companies can use a single, low cost LMS installation to train all of their employees.

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