The food & beverage LMS that keeps up with your team

In an industry that never slows down, choose training software that can keep up with your team. With a top food safety LMS you can offer training to your food handlers, restaurant chain, and every staff member, without missing a beat.

Don’t slow down

If your LMS can’t keep pace with your restaurant or food production line, then it’s as good as week-old bread. Set up automations in TalentLMS, and the platform does the rest. Assign and remove courses, set expiration dates, arrange course sequencing, and more, without missing a beat.

Be sure your staff know their stuff

When it comes to food safety training, your staff can’t just “check the box” and call it a day. Create and administer tests, quizzes, and assignments to see if your teams really know their stuff, or if they need a refresher on critical topics like hygiene, food borne illness, cross contamination, and more.

Deliver on any device

Whether your staff are spread out across different locations, or are moving around in a single restaurant, you don’t have to bench anyone for training. With TalentLMS, people complete their courses from their smartphone or tablet, and get back on the floor faster than ever.

Encourage continuous learning

New food products, menu changes, updates to safety regulations — the list goes on. Thankfully, keeping your people up to date on new information is a painless experience in TalentLMS. Create new courses or edit your existing ones, and always keep your people in the know.

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What success sounds like

“People really like the way it works. And they find it easy. I didn’t have to answer a single support call, so they did not have problems using TalentLMS.”MARCUS VERRI|Deliveroo-logo-horizontal-1


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