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TalentLMS for Salesforce

Have complete control over your customer and training information with the
TalentLMS & Salesforce integration.

Trigger automated actions, and your sales reps won’t have to
leave Salesforce ever again

Manage employee training in Salesforce | TalentLMS - Salesforce

Manage your training without switching tools

Assign TalentLMS courses, create groups, and control your training program without leaving Salesforce.

Train sales team in Salesforce | TalentLMS - Salesforce

Train sales representatives right in Salesforce

Turn Salesforce into an LMS. Allow your sales team to get their courses on the tool they know best.

Salesforce LMS | TalentLMS - Salesforce

Keep all information automatically up-to-date

Never change contact details twice. Do it on one tool, and all changes will automatically sync.

Over 70K organizations train online with TalentLMS

Harper Collins Publishers | TalentLMS Customers
Autodesk | TalentLMS Customers
Delonghi | TalentLMS Customers
Rosetta Stone | TalentLMS Customers
ACL | TalentLMS Customers

TalentLMS & Salesforce integration:
Train seamlessly, boost performance and hit goals faster

Control Integration | TalentLMS - Salesforce

Get control of your LMS integration

Integrating TalentLMS with Salesforce gives you full control of your user and training management:

  • Choose which users you want TalentLMS for (all users, or specific profiles and categories).
  • Assign courses without leaving Salesforce.
  • Manage your Salesforce LMS integration without manuals or IT skills.
Feature Courses | TalentLMS - Salesforce

Never switch between tabs ever again

If a user profile lives on Salesforce, it also lives on TalentLMS. Create new accounts on the tool of your choice, and let the system automatically transfer all information to the other.

And by featuring your courses right in Salesforce’s interface, your team can access their training from within the tool they use every day.

User Creation | TalentLMS - Salesforce

Create TalentLMS user accounts on Salesforce

Allow Salesforce users to access your TalentLMS learning hub without the need to sign up for an account.

By using their Salesforce login credentials, your team will be able to access TalentLMS and immediately take their training.

Information Exchange | TalentLMS - Salesforce

Keep every bit of information in one place

Have the two apps exchange information with each other about lead and user profiles, contact information, and training progress.

Get a complete overview of your people of interest without getting lost in tabs and endless platforms.

See what else makes TalentLMS the best training platform for your sales team:

Integration | TalentLMS

Works well with others

TalentLMS integrates with all the tools you already use. Get out-of-the-box powerful integrations and never switch between platforms again.

Features | TalentLMS

Checks all your boxes

From course building and management to training delivery and reporting, our features take the hassle out of your employee training initiative.

Customer Support | TalentLMS

Secures your success

Our teams will get you on track to success, whether you have questions about your Salesforce LMS integration or other features.

Ready for the easiest Salesforce & LMS integration?