Critical Observation


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Course overview

Observation is a key component of innovation. By observing how we and other people do things, we will spot opportunities for improvements. The more we observe, the more opportunities we’ll find. And if a problem is spotted, we can work to provide solutions. 

In business innovation, becoming a critical observer can help you recognize problems before others do. It allows you to predict obstacles on the horizon. And, by heightening awareness of the unexpected, and plotting and analyzing data, you can provide original solutions to problems that would otherwise be unforeseen.

What's covered

What is the principle of critical observation

How to identify the need for critical observation in innovation

How to practice critical observation techniques to improve problem-solving

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Why your teams need this course

Whether it’s predicting where supply issues could arise to ensure you’re not caught out, or modeling the ways a global crisis could affect your sales, in business being able to expect the unexpected is a crucial element of progress. Whatever field you work in, the ability to do this can help improve plans and streamline processes. For leaders and managers, this course will explain what critical observation is and why it’s important in innovation. It will also give you advice on improving critical observation skills across your business.

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