Dealing with Consumer Fraud


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Course overview

Being a customer can be very convenient, what with the advances in technology and how easy purchases and transactions can be. Unfortunately, the same can be said for being a fraudster. They can exploit advances in technology to fool customers and take advantage relatively easily. And because of this, consumer fraud is increasing by the year. 

There are many ways someone can become a victim of fraud in this digital age. So it’s important to understand how to protect and educate your employees and your customers. It’s also good to know how you should respond when it happens. This course will show everyone how.

What's covered

The most common types of consumer fraud and how it can affect customers

The correct procedures for reporting fraud

How to educate customers about fraud to avoid them becoming victims of it

Why your teams need this course

Consumer fraud is constantly evolving. The only way to combat it is to make people familiar with the methods fraudsters use. This course is for anyone who wants to be more aware of the ways consumer fraud happens and how to deal with it.

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