Effective Problem Solving


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Course overview

Even in the best businesses, problems can still come up. An important part of any customer-service role is solving problems that customers bring to your reps. To continue offering a high-quality customer experience, your employees need to know how to solve problems effectively.

They might find themselves dealing with complaints, helping someone with a product issue, or handling a misunderstanding. Whatever problem they’re facing, maintaining trust, asking questions, and listening to the customer can help your staff understand the issue. And they can apply communication skills to resolve challenging situations and deliver great customer service.

What's covered

How to maintain customer confidence while seeking a solution

Identifying situational context clues that will help reveal the root cause of the problem

Applying communication and conflict-resolution skills to de-escalate and manage challenging customer-service problems

Why your teams need this course

When your staff are dealing with customers, they need to be able to solve problems effectively. This course will help. They’ll learn how to keep the customer’s confidence in them, situational context clues that can help, and how to apply communication and conflict-resolution skills to manage problems.

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