The Four Types of Leaders


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Course overview

When thinking of great leaders, people like driven presidents or heads of state who achieved their goals might come to mind. Or maybe you remember someone from your personal life, like a teacher or school principal, whose “no-nonsense” attitude helped get results. Although these types of people may not have been liked by everybody, they all used their leadership styles to create success.

It just goes to show that whether you’re popular or not, adopting the appropriate style of leadership will encourage others to follow your guidance. In the workplace, the same rules apply.

What's covered

What a leader is

Why leadership is important

What the 4 leadership styles, their advantages, and disadvantages are

Which leadership style works best for you

Why your teams need this course

Whether it’s running a team project or fairly dividing a birthday cake up for the office, leadership skills are useful. This course will help you learn about the different styles of leadership, as well as discover which method works for you so that you can always perform at your best.

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