Harnessing the Power of AI


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No. of mini-lessons 3

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Course overview

Smart technology is great. Even seemingly basic appliances can be improved with a bit of  artificial intelligence. Like your fridge. Gone are the days where you have to open the door to see if you’re running low on milk. Now your fridge can tell you and then add it to your shopping list for you.  

Smart appliances are just 1 example of how we can use artificial intelligence to benefit our daily lives. But it’s also used in many other ways you might not have thought of. Think hospitals, the military, cars, even shopping. This course will take a look at the ways we use AI to benefit society and its potential for the future.

What's covered

The potential of artificial intelligence to benefit society

Key areas in which artificial intelligence is already being used effectively

Ways in which artificial intelligence may be used in the future

Why your teams need this course

These days, we’ll all encounter AI to a greater or lesser degree. So, this course is for everyone. It’ll help everyone understand the potential of artificial intelligence, key areas where AI is being used, and ways it could be used in the future.

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