Setting Common Goals


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Course overview

If you work in a team, it’s likely you’ve felt frustrated at times when everyone seems to be pulling in different directions. Because when this happens, teams become disjointed and unorganized. And with each member believing their way is best, disagreements arise. This is probably because your team doesn’t have a common goal.

To be a successful team, common goals are crucial. They help employees stay focused, keep tasks on track, and aid in organizing valuable resources. Without common goals, teams will just become a group of individuals with their own aims.

What's covered

What common goals are

The benefits of setting common goals

How to define and set common goals

How to communicate goals effectively

How to differentiate between short- and long-term goals

setting common goals online training course

Why your teams need this course

If you work in a team, then being able to set and work toward a common goal is essential. This course will help you better understand what common goals are, how they’re beneficial, and how to set and communicate them. It will also look at the relationship between short- and long-term goals.

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