Strategic Thinking


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Course overview

Chess players always think a few moves ahead in any game, and so do strategic thinkers in business. Strategic thinking focuses on the long-term vision, ensuring that every move matches up with the overall goals. In in senior positions, employees don’t just need to sort out today’s tasks, they have to plan for what comes next, too. 

Leading with strategy can have a far-reaching impact on all areas of a business. Strategy ensures that a company uses time and money well, and also helps spot problems and opportunities early. This allows businesses to change things up if needed and rethink the game plan for achieving success.

What's covered

Recognizing the key qualities of strategic thinking

Implementing strategic-thinking tips

Explaining how business leaders can cultivate a strategic-thinking culture

Why your teams need this course

Successful strategic thinking allows employees to have an enormous impact on the business’s trajectory. This course is for those in senior positions who need to plan, assess, and reroute if necessary to ensure they meet business goals. They’ll learn about the most important qualities of strategic thinking, apply strategic-thinking tips, and learn how to develop a culture of strategic thinking.

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