The Basics of Cryptography


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Course overview

Cryptography is all about keeping your communications and data secure, so cybercriminals can’t obtain it. 

Cryptography already plays a role in keeping data and communications safe within your organization, too. Understanding why this is necessary and how it’s accomplished will help your employees understand how they can outsmart sophisticated cybercriminals.

What's covered

The importance of cryptography and how it protects organizations and individuals from being targeted by cybercriminals

What ciphers and keys are and what their role is in encryption and decryption

The difference between symmetric and asymmetric cryptography

Why your teams need this course

Anyone could be a victim of cybercrime, from individuals to organizations. That’s why everyone can benefit from understanding the techniques used to outsmart criminals and keep data and communications secure. This course will introduce your employees to why cryptography is needed along with how it’s implemented.

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