The Power of a Strong Password


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How many times have you opened a new app and typed the same password you’ve had since forever? And if it doesn’t accept it, you say, “Ok, I’ll add a 1 on the end. A capital letter? Fine. Now it wants to recommend a password for me? How on earth will I remember that nonsense! I’ll have to get it tattooed on my arm.”

This rigmarole may seem like someone’s testing your limits, but password protection isn’t there to annoy you – it’s there to protect your data and personal information.

In the workplace, it’s not just your data and personal information you need to worry about. It’s your customers’ too. While having the same password for everything seems convenient, a weak password can be your biggest downfall.

What's covered

The pitfalls of a weak password

Why you need to protect any data you access

How to set a strong password

the power of a strong password online training course

Why your teams need this course

Learning to come up with a strong password is really important, whether it’s for work or personal tech. To help you successfully navigate the online world, this course explains why you should be using a strong password and how to create one.

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