Use of External Drives


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Course overview

We’ve all had those absent-minded moments where we’ve forgotten something vital, right? Locking your keys inside your home is easily done, but at least it only affects you. Imagine then, if you’d misplaced or lost something a bit more, well, disruptive. For example, leaving an external drive with customer data on it on public transport could cause quite a problem.

Why do people continue to use external drives anyway? These days, there are other options such as cloud storage. But which is safer? We need to take a deeper look at why external drives are still in use and how we can keep these important little devices as safe and secure as possible. This course will help with that.

What's covered

The benefits of external-drive usage vs cloud storage

Practical tips for keeping your external drive secure

How to identify situations in which using an external drive could go wrong, so they can be avoided

use of external drives online training course

Why your teams need this course

This course is for anyone that uses an external drive for work or for leisure. Taking this course will put data security in the forefront of your employees’ mind and help to mitigate against a potentially devastating situation.

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