The Value of Budgeting


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From the annual federal budget to the scrawl you made on the back of a napkin last week to see if you could afford a new TV… everyone is familiar with what a budget is. But how many of us can claim that we always operate within our budget? 

Effective budgeting is the cornerstone of financial planning. Businesses of every size and shape, NPOs, government bodies, families, individuals – all of them need to live within their means, and this course is all about the value of budgeting.

What's covered

What are the types of and functions of budgets

How to structure a budget for your future operations

How to control your spending to stay on target

How to prepare for emergencies

the value of budgeting online training course

Why your teams need this course

Budgeting might seem like one of those boring administrative tasks that no one likes doing. It gets in the way of your genius ideas and your creative vision, right? But the fact is, having a comprehensive and realistic budget in place can make the difference between a venture’s success or failure. This training is aimed at business owners and managers, but the lessons of budgeting sensibly apply to all walks of life.

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