Employee Development in 2023: Trends and Tactics to Retain Good Employees

Duration: 55min

Hosted by

  • Theo Panaritis your host

    Theo Panaritis

    Education Community Trainer,

  • Adriana Clark

    HR Manager,

TalentLMS and BambooHR are joining forces to discuss the workplace skills and trends forecast for 2023. Join our speakers to learn more about how to develop and retain your people in these turbulent times, and how integrating BambooHR and TalentLMS will keep you ahead of the competition.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The connection between employee development and employee satisfaction

  • Trending development topics that are catching employee interest

  • Actionable tactics to ensure employees see the benefit in your development programs

  • How to seamlessly integrate BambooHR with TalentLMS to identify skills gaps and build powerful employee development programs.

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