11 Resources On Tin Can API You Must Read

tin can apiTin Can API has been one of the biggest buzzwords for the last several months in e-Learning community and it’s unlikely that anyone who’s interested in eLearning haven’t (even faintly) heard about it.

If you don’t want to dig through hundreds of articles or are still unsure if Tin Can API is the thing, we’re sharing a list of 10 articles that you need to read to understand what all the buzz is about.

1. Overview from the source

So what is Tin Can API? Let’s see what source has to say about that. In this description you will find information about how it works, what features it has and links to more insights but all that is definitely not enough to really get to know Tin Can API. Moving on…

2. Introduction of Tin Can API

A lot more detailed explanation of Tin Can Experience by Andrew Winner. After reading this comprehensive guide you will understand what an API is, how is it different than SCORM and how Tin Can API actually works. It also answers a question if you should use it so if you’re still hesitating, make sure you read it.

3. Tin Can API infographic

After reading previous posts you probably already know what Tin Can API is but if you prefer to get your information in a simple, visual form, this is where you should go to understand Tin Can API. Short descriptions will show you what Tin Can API and LRS are, comparision of SCORM and Tin Can API and what you can track when using it.

4. Tin Can API podcast

And if you’re not a fan of visuals, here’s an audio by Connie Malamed. In a little over 30 minutes you will learn all the basics about Tin Can API and SCORM. Connie will also answer few more advanced questions like how to combine Tin Can with Open Badges, use cases of xAPI or creating a portfolio.

5. SCORM vs. Tin Can API

As you probably noticed, everyone compares Tin Can API to SCORM but most of the articles only touch the surface of the problem. If you really want to understand the differences in how they work, MJ Plaster explained it in a concise and intelligible way so all of us can get what it is about.

6. Benefits of Tin Can API

Features and technical descriptions are great but here’s something that we all really care about – the benefits!  Girish Tallam lists six reasons why you need Tin Can API for your LMS like tracking, giving more ways for building content, supporting disconnected scenarios and platform transition, blending e-learning with wider training world and more.

7. Benefits of Tin Can API infographic

Since list of technical benefits may be bit overwhelming for those of us who are not too much into tech, there’s an infographic covering the same topic. It contains the same content as the article above but served in a bit easier to comprehend form.

8. Why Instructional Designers should care about Tin Can API

When Tin Can API is discussed it’s usually technical talk. Does it mean that Instructional Designers should start taking programming courses? Article explains why Tin Can experience is important not only to LMS providers but also Instructional Designers and how they can prepare for the future.

9. Revolutionising the link between learning and performance

Once you know what Tin Can API is, more questions can occur. What influence it can have on e-learning? What’s the future of LMS? How can it really be used? In this interview with Tim Martin by Dan Steer you can read how values of Tin Can API are seen by someone who was a key player in the Tin Can Project

10. What’s the buzz about?

Tin Can API were probably three words that anyone who is somehow connected to e-learning heard at least hundred times in last couple months. If you don’t understand what’s all this buzz about, read this article by Brett C. Willson who explains why it really is that important for the industry.

11. Speeding up Tin Can API adoption

Despite huge buzz around Tin Can API, people outside the learning community still aren’t aware of it’s benefits which causes slow adoption of this solution. Justin Ferriman points out that it’s our job to educate customers and move faster towards the future of online learning.

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