Epignosis announces Bronze Sponsorship of the ATD 2016 Exposition
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Epignosis announces Bronze Sponsorship of the ATD 2016 Exposition

Colorado, or “the Centennial State”, is known for its beautiful state parks, its fabulous mountains and ski slopes, being home to the Denver Broncos and the fictional (and, amusingly enough, the real) South Park, and for being the microbrewery capital of America.

It’s also the state hosting this year’s Association for Talent Development (ATD) conference — the event you can’t afford to miss if you are interested in the latest developments in Talent Development.

Which is exactly why Epignosis will be there, touting its wares, so to speak, discussing potential partnerships and collaboration deals, mingling with the industry’s best, keeping up to date with the latest innovations and trends in the field, and generally absorbing everything we can.

The ATD 2016, like those before it, is organized by the eponymous Association for Talent Development, a professional membership organization that has been supporting knowledge and skills development businesses and professionals for over 70 years.

This year’s ATD 2016 International Conference & Exposition brings together professionals from the Talent Development and eLearning industries with key decision makers and employee development stakeholders from the corporate world, attempting to offer an in-depth guide for the path to success in talent development and a clear outlook on what the future of the industry holds.

With numerous keynote speeches, round-tables and learning sessions, participants will get the opportunity to share their experiences, discuss the industry’s present state and future goals, and learn about innovative tools and solutions for designing, delivering, implementing, and measuring the success of employee training and talent development programs.

As for Epignosis, we’ll be there with, among the rest of our line-up, TalentLMS, the top and much-awarded Cloud learning management system.

Beyond its now-renowned ease-of-use and streamlined features, this year we’re proud to bring with us our fresh mobile iOS app, with awesome micro-learning, micro-certification and offline features! But we’ve already spoken about that.

Along for the ride, will be eFrontPro, our flagship enterprise Learning and Talent Development Platform geared towards large businesses with high user volumes and advanced customization requirements, and Snappico, a mobile app that builds on the intersection of micro-learning, gamification and infographics to provide bite-sized business training for the modern enterprise.

If you’re attending this year’s ATD, come and say hi. We will be waiting for you at the Exhibit Hall, booth #1839.

For more information on ATD 2016, visit the event’s page.

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