Evaluation Questions for your LMS: Learner, Course and Program
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Evaluation Questions for your LMS: Learner, Course and Program

So you have a bunch of eLearning programs already in circulation. The marketing team keeps updating you with positive course registration numbers. So far, learners are happy, trainers seem satisfied and line managers are content with the performances of newly trained staff. All signs show that your LMS is truly producing successful learners and desirable knowledge.

But before this bubble bursts due to lack of improvement through iteration, you need to administer certain evaluations. So, what are these evaluation about and how do they help maintain your eLearning winning streak?

eLearning organizations face the daunting task of keep operations running smoothly and trouble-free every day. Without receiving periodic feedback from the LMS users and stakeholders, it is impossible to achieve daily stability.

The process of receiving feedback and measuring the effectiveness of learning programs, learners and course facilitators is known as LMS evaluation.

In this article, we’ll share with you three types of evaluation you need to conduct through your LMS as surveys.

Let’s explore each and examine some sample evaluation questions you can use in your own surveys.

Learner Evaluation Questions

This form of evaluation is extremely critical. The answers to the survey questions change with the competency level of the learners. Watch out for answers that rarely change or are pretty much the same for all survey participants.

The following questions come highly recommended for learners.

1. Which were the most and the least useful items in this course?

2. Did you achieve the learning objectives of this course? If yes, what did you achieve and if no, what obstacles prevented you from achieving them?

3. What did you learn about your personal learning strategies when completing this course? Did you change as a learner during this course?

4. Do you feel this course has practical value in your life? If yes, where will you apply this knowledge?

5. How well did you participate in this course? Are you satisfied with your level and quality of participation?

6. Were you active and responsive in group participation? Did you contribute significantly to your group?

7. How would you evaluate your overall performance in this class?

The goal here is to improve the course content and the course interactivity for the learner. Another goal is to make sure that learning is aligned with the learning needs and the expectations of the learner.

Course and Facilitator Evaluation

This type of survey is conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the facilitator or the mentor appointed to the course. The aim here to inform the practice of the current course facilitator.

The results of this survey are supposed to change the way the course is moderated and the collaboration in the learning environment.

1. Did the course and the instructor meet your needs as a learner?

2. Do you agree with the method of instruction and course delivery?

3. Was the instructor responsive and sensitive to your needs, as well as the group’s?

4. What are your feelings towards online learning?

5. What were the strengths of this course and its participants?

6. What improvements would you recommend for this course?

7. What piece of advice will you give to future learners of this course?

Again, the audience of this survey are the learners. This is yet another route to bring the eLearning program closer to the learner preferences.

Program Evaluation

This survey can be completed by anyone. But care must be taken to account the different roles that participate in the survey.

The recommendations given by a program evaluator will be different from those of a learner or a course mentor. All three results should be treated separately. If possible, they can be triangulated to achieve a stronger change management plan for the upcoming eLearning programs.

1. Was the course site easy to access? If not, what would you recommend?

2. Was the course easy to navigate? If not, what would you recommend?

3. Do you have any concerns regarding the software used for various course activities?

4. Were you able to access the technical support? How would you rate the quality of the support you received?

5. Comment on the size of the online course. Was it too long or too short?

6. If you think the course should be expanded, what additional concepts should have been covered?

7. If the course needs to be trimmed down, what areas could be omitted?

8. What additional courses would you like to be offered?

9. What improvements would you recommend for this course?

Developing online surveys is fairly simple, especially if you have a capable LMS. The trick is to ask the right questions in your survey, to get honest and unbiased feedback.

Use these evaluation questions in your course surveys to obtain the preferences and suggestions of your learners. Improve your courses to create experiences that are deeper and meaningful to the learner.


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