How to (and why) transform your LMS into a marketing and branding machine
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How to (and why) transform your LMS into a marketing and branding machine

, Former Content Marketing Manager

If you think outside the box, you can get more out of your software. For instance, by using your learning platform as a marketing tool.

Training plays a crucial role in today’s competitive business world. Make the most of it by recognizing the untapped potential of using your LMS as a marketing and branding tool.

In a recent webinar, we talked about using training as a marketing tool.

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into how you can use your LMS as a marketing tool to attract and retain employees, customers, and partners.

How training can boost your employer brand

Offering internal training through your learning management system (LMS) makes you a more appealing prospect to job seekers.

Today’s employees emphasize the importance of brand. People looking for new opportunities want to be part of something greater. In the midst of a talent shortage, a robust employee training strategy helps you show community contribution and brand value.


According to Gina Lionatos, Brand Marketing Manager at TalentLMS, “By investing in employee development, you’re cultivating a culture of progress. And you’re displaying that there’s room for career growth within your organization.”

An LMS-based approach can help you establish a strong employer brand with both job seekers and current employees. People don’t want to stay in a job that feels like a dead-end. Training tells top talent you’re willing to invest in their futures.

And when people feel valued and supported, they become advocates. They’ll spread the word and refer others to your company.

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Ways you can use your LMS to attract candidates

  • Expand your training offerings: Go beyond job-specific hard skills training and required compliance courses. With an LMS, you can offer a library of useful content. From onboarding courses to training on your products or services to development opportunities.
  • Create an enticing training section on your career website: Use your LMS to showcase the training opportunities available to potential candidates. Highlight the skills they can acquire. Show them the career advancement prospects that come with your training programs.
  • Offer online certifications: Develop industry-recognized certifications within your LMS. Promote them as ways for job seekers to enhance their resumes and increase their marketability.
  • Respond to trends and training needs quickly: An LMS allows you to get up and running fast with new training so you can stay on top of trends. If you see a gap in your content, you can immediately fill that need with plug-and-play courses.

Example: Adobe’s employee development program

Adobe offers extensive training resources and support, including training on its own products, mentorship programs, and leadership development training.

The program strengthens its existing workforce. And, as reported to job services company Comparably, it’s a big draw for incoming talent.

According to their new hire survey, employee development opportunities are the top reason people join Adobe.

Using your LMS for customer acquisition

Lionatos calls customer training “an underrated secret weapon. Especially if you’re competing in a saturated market.”

Your LMS can be the key to reducing churn and strengthening your brand image. It can set you apart from the competition—your unique selling point.

For example, say you’re in the market for a new tablet. You’re considering two different vendors, both offering it for the same price. The first offers training on getting up and running and content on how to use more advanced features. The other just sells the tablet.

Who will you buy from?

Training creates a more complete customer experience. When people know how to use and get the most from your products, they’re more successful and more satisfied.

Training also increases customer engagement. It gives people more positive interactions with your brand.

Finally, training boosts brand loyalty. When you share your expertise, your customers trust your authority. They’re more likely to continue to do business with you. And they’ll also sing your praises to others.

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Ways to engage customers using your LMS

  • Offer product training: This will help customers get the most out of your products or services.
  • Offer support resources: Create a library of resources that customers can search to quickly resolve issues and get the help they need.
  • Host webinars or events: This is a great way to connect with customers and share valuable information.

Example: HubSpot’s customer training events

HubSpot is known for its free learning resources that help customers use its products. But the training isn’t limited to self-paced online modules.

The company also hosts a variety of live events, including virtual events like webinars, conferences, and user groups. These opportunities let customers learn from HubSpot experts, network with other customers, and share best practices.

HubSpot events help customers to stay up-to-date on the latest company news and trends. They also help build customer relationships.

Using your LMS to build partnerships through training

Marketing team training for your internal team will boost your marketing results. Why wouldn’t you offer the same kind of development to your external vendors and partners?

Training builds stronger relationships. It also makes these vital partners more productive.

Access to training and support resources lets them help customers without having to come to you first. The more quickly they can respond to and resolve customer needs, the faster they move to a sale. And the better the customer experience.

Training also turns your partners into stronger brand ambassadors. It makes them experts in your products and services. They’ll feel more confident representing you and will drive more sales and referrals.

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Ways to leverage your LMS to improve the partner experience

  • Offer training to all partners and their employees: An LMS makes training more scalable, so you can offer it to a broader base. Create content that’s useful to employees at every level of your partners’ organizations, from account executives to customer service reps.
  • Collaborate to tailor your training: An LMS means you’re not limited to teaching the basics in one-time live sessions. Find out what partners need and develop additional content to help them succeed.
  • Establish a customer support training portal: Build a dedicated section within your LMS to offer partner resources. Include content around customer support, processes, and troubleshooting.

Example: Formlabs’ partner training

Formlabs develops and manufactures 3D printers and software. They rely heavily on a network of partners to sell their products and deliver amazing customer service.

They switched from only offering onsite partner training to providing online learning through TalentLMS.

The results? A world-class partner training program.

Moving to an LMS allowed them to train more people. They were also able to break up the content into manageable chunks. Now partners don’t have to rush through training. They have a better learning experience, and the additional resources help them be more productive.

Strengthen your brand with your LMS

These initiatives might seem like a lot of work at first. And their ROI might not be immediately clear.

But here’s the thing. People, from employees to customers to partners, want to work with (and buy from) organizations that care about and support them.

A strong brand that does right by its customers and employees will always attract loyal customers and dedicated, enthusiastic employees.

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