How marketing training helps great companies grow

When it comes to training the team that holds the growth of the company in their hands, the right software makes all the difference. Find out how TalentLMS unlocks your marketing team’s full potential.

How an LMS transforms marketing training

Using a learning management system (LMS) makes it incredibly simple to create, deliver, and manage the training that keeps marketing staff dialed in to the latest tools, strategies, and growth levers. Whether you’re an agency or a brand, an LMS brings big benefits to your marketing team.

Improve training efficiency

Keep your team updated on the latest marketing developments from one organized, centrally managed hub.

Save training time

Reduce disruptions and help staff get back to work faster with web-based classes available online and on-demand.

Lower training costs

Reduce travel, venue, and instructor expenses by bringing training online where it can be used again and again for no added cost.

Simplify management

Build and track courses with intuitive tools and manage users and their training easily from an all-in-one dashboard.

Achieve marketing training success with TalentLMS

TalentLMS is designed so your marketing training succeeds. It’s easy to use, packed with features, and comes at a price that’s actually fair.

  • User-friendly experience

    Delight trainers and learners alike with an inviting interface that’s easy to learn and fun to use.

  • Engaging gamification

    Hook your learners and improve training outcomes with points, badges, and leaderboards.

  • Time-saving management

    Free up time to focus on work that matters with convenient features like Single Sign-On and easy software integrations.

  • Update fast

    Edit courses fast with intuitive tools so your team is always working from the latest product info.

  • Instant training

    Offer marketing training sooner rather than later by using ready-made courses from TalentLibrary™.

  • For all teams and every use

    Come for marketing training, stay for continuous learning. Now, deliver all types of corporate and compliance training from one platform.

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What success sounds like

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Why is training your marketing team important?

When marketing training is successful, it has the potential to transform entire businesses.

Today’s marketers need to master a collection of skills, including analytics, digital media, copywriting, creative direction, sales, cybersecurity, and more to do great work.

So training is necessary because not all employees come to your organization with all relevant skills fully-honed.

The training you offer should cover sales and marketing skills, your product and/or service, as well as training in specific digital tools. This way your people are up to date and fully prepared to help grow your company.

Some examples of marketing training in the workplace:
  • Product training

  • Digital marketing tools training

  • Compliance training

  • Cross-department training

  • Affiliate marketing training

How marketing training benefits the entire business

Marketing training isn’t just a nice to have when you have time. It’s a major factor in driving business success. Even the best products fail to gain traction without an effective marketing strategy.

And as technologies improve, new markets emerge, and consumer trends change, it has never been more vital to train your marketing staff. Training unlocks valuable benefits for your entire business.

  • Encourages agile thinking

    Builds skills that help adapt to a changing marketing landscape driving business growth.

  • Speeds up time-to-market

    Improves workflows so that slow-to-act teams become faster and more efficient.

  • Boosts motivation

    Revives motivation and performance bringing forward new ideas and better business results.

  • Slashes unnecessary spending

    Lowers recruitment costs and saves money by letting go of ineffective marketing techniques.

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