Mobile learning: Benefits for employers and employees alike
Mobile Learning

Mobile learning: Benefits for employers and employees alike

November 2020 was a key turning point for tech in the world.


Because mobile usage surpassed desktop usage, capturing 53% of the global market share, while desktop lagged behind at 44%.

This isn’t the first time mobile usage overtook desktop usage — it also happened in 2016, 2018, and 2019. But each time desktop usage always made a comeback to regain the top spot.

This time is different, with the gap between the two being at the widest it’s ever been. It’s entirely possible that mobile usage is here to stay. That’s why it’s important that you’re aware of the huge benefits of mobile learning for both employees and employers.

The advantages of mobile learning for companies

You can’t have a successful workforce if your training initiatives aren’t successful. That’s why it’s important to capitalize on these mobile learning benefits and help your teams reach their fullest potential:

1. You can finally reach every member of your team

While having a fully functional LMS is the foundation of delivering valuable and comprehensive training to your employees, pairing it with a mobile learning app truly allows your teams to have access to their training from anywhere.

Whether your people spend their time working from behind a desk, or you’ve got employees who are on the move, everyone is attached to their smartphones. So why not take advantage of that reality and deliver training to them on the device they already spend a huge amount of time using?

Mobile training means you no longer have to tie your people to a laptop or desktop to get them the information they need.

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2. It’s a cost-efficient way of training

One of the biggest advantages of mobile learning is that it’s efficient both in terms of cost and time. Whether you’ve got new training to share with your teams, or it’s that time of year that those annual courses need to be re-completed, you don’t need to organize in-person sessions, or interrupt your employees’ workday.

By creating and sharing courses your teams can access on their smartphones, you’re empowering employees to complete their training from anywhere they want, and at a time that works for them. That means no added cost that comes along with getting people into one room together, and no interrupting your team’s work and productivity.

3. Minimize the forgetting curve, maximize retention

At the end of the day, training is only valuable if your employees actually remember what they’ve learned, and apply it on the job. If your people are just clicking through your training to get it over with, they’re probably not learning, or remembering very much.

It happens — people forget what they learned in their training, especially when they haven’t reviewed it in months. Best case scenario, an employee misfiles a document and it’s a quick fix. But in the worst case scenario, an employee’s forgotten training results in a workplace accident, injury, or worse.

When you’ve got a mobile training app at your disposal it’s easier than ever to make training a habit, instead of a once-in-a-while occurrence. The great thing about mobile training apps is that they allow you to send push notifications right to your employees’ phones reminding them to give their training another quick run-through. By keeping important info fresh and front of mind, you can rest easy knowing your people are retaining what they’ve learned, and performing their best in their roles.

Benefits of mobile learning for employees

The advantages of mobile learning for employees

No matter its industry or size, a company can only be as successful as its employees are. That’s why meeting their needs and creating a positive learning experience should always be a priority for employers. These unique mobile learning benefits do just that:

1. No more boring training

Nothing drives down completion rates and retention like boring training. And while your desktop LMS might have gamification features, they just don’t compare to those on a mobile learning app.

Our phones are where we play games, earn points, and compete with other players for rankings. When you take this experience and replicate it in the context of mobile training, employees are much more likely to engage with your content and want to actually complete it. In fact, surveys have shown that 83% of those who receive gamified training feel motivated, while 61% of those who receive non-gamified training feel bored and unproductive.

2. Freedom to train from anywhere

To say that mobile training is convenient for employees is an understatement. One of the biggest benefits of mobile learning is that it essentially unshackles your employees from their laptops and their desks. Whether it’s on the subway to work, while they’re having a lunch break, or during downtime between meetings, employees can spend a few minutes training and reviewing with just a few taps on their phones.

In a survey of 600 mobile workers, 30% of respondents said they’d prefer to complete training at home, and 10% on their commute, if they had the ability to do it from anywhere. Mobile learning apps give employees the choice and freedom to train at their own pace, on their own time, and from anywhere they’d like.

3. Transform one-time learning into continuous development

There’s this myth around training — that employees view it as something to be tolerated and they want to get it over with as quickly as possible. But the reality is that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A survey of 400 full-time employees found that 66% of respondents said that the joy of learning new things and developing new skills is their top reason for upskilling. Another survey of 1,000 remote employees found that 72% of respondents would be more likely to stay with their companies in the long run if they’re provided with training.

This data shows us that offering continuous training opportunities, and not just one-off sessions, is absolutely essential for keeping your teams happy. And a mobile learning app is one of the best ways to fulfill this need and keep your employees happy, productive, and loyal to your company.

Why you shouldn’t underestimate the advantages of mobile learning

LMS’s and desktop training aren’t going away anytime soon. But if you want to offer your teams the best possible learning experience, and have your business reap the benefits of well-trained employees, then a mobile training app has to be a part of your plans.

In fact, you can’t go wrong with an LMS that offers both a desktop and a mobile version.

Time-efficient training, reduced costs, and increased engagement and productivity are only a few of the many mobile learning benefits that you just can’t pass up on. And if you’re not ready to commit to buying, opt for a free LMS and decide whether mobile training is the best solution for you.

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