Painless eLearning Development through a Cloud based Development Tool
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Painless eLearning Development through a Cloud based Development Tool

Who says developing an eLearning project is easy?
Now with the plethora of training tools and applications available, eLearning development is still a major project that needs careful implementation. In this article, we uncover the major advantages of using a cloud based authoring tool as opposed to a desktop application.

A high performance eLearning development team dreams of an automated workflow with the least amount of ambiguity and repetitious tasks. Such tools are in high-demand.

Since the needs of eLearning developers change rapidly, a cloud based LMS is more agile than a desktop one. The desire to make a tool as simple and hassle-free as possible is still the main driving factor for frequent updates. The goal is to take the frustration and long hours out of the development process.

This is critical when multiple eLearning authors are simultaneously involved in a project.

eLearning Project Management using the Desktop eLearning Tool

Desktop tools for eLearning authoring lack version control of files. No one knows which version is the most current. For a large project, only one person can work on the project at a given time.

Think about idle resources, eating up time and budget! Projects need to be stored in the local machine. They might not be able to be worked upon across networks. Hence authors working in different locations have to use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). Multiple authors need to be managed across VPNs.

All authors need to install the eLearning development application in their local machine. Downloading and uploading the files in turns is a common practice. Maintaining the software changes is also an added step.

Unless you have a very smart plan that never breaks down, how on Earth can you get things done in time?

Maintaining courses is tedious too. Files need to be relocated, changes made and the updated course needs to be published again.

As you can guess, working remotely on this project is not happening! All authors and developers need to be present to ensure no issues arise.

eLearning Project Management using a Cloud based eLearning Tool

The cloud, as we know, is a meeting place from remote locations. Collaborations in the cloud are the norm. The collaborating point is the eLearning development tool itself!

The files to be worked upon in the development environment are transparent to all team members. Authors do not need to install this tool on their machines.

At any given moment there is only one up-to-date version of a file. This version has updates added by everyone and is ready to use, anywhere, anytime.

It also has the capability to hold comments and suggestions by authors, subject matter experts and graphic artists. No need to track changes with names. Requests for a task or more information are fulfilled on time on an as needed basis.

All of this, with one browser and an internet connection. Consider the improved productivity with this scenario!

Workflow is much smoother, simple, holistic and iterative in a cloud based eLearning authoring environment. All stages of the project – design, development, testing and implementation are carried out using one tool. No need for added software for designing, prototyping or storyboarding.

Cloud based eLearning tools like TalentLMS truly take the pain out of the eLearning development process and enhance creativity.

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