5 reasons why you should pair Zoom with training software

5 reasons why you should pair Zoom with training software

You’ve recently transitioned or are thinking to permanently transition your entire office to working remotely, and your email is flooded with work-from-home tips. But you need to do more than just work from home. You also need to train from home.

Sure, you’ll use a video conferencing tool like Zoom for online training, but will that be enough? How can you make sure that remote training is actually going to work?

By pairing it with a learning management system (LMS) designed to make remote training effective.

Here are 5 reasons why pairing Zoom with TalentLMS is the best way to train remotely.

5 reasons why Zoom + TalentLMS = successful remote training

For your remote training to be effective, some key things need to happen. Simply getting everyone into the same Zoom call is not enough. You need to schedule the session, get everyone ready to attend training, actually have the training session, and then evaluate how it all went. Here are 5 reasons why TalentLMS is the best LMS to make each of these steps happen.

1. Integrating Zoom with TalentLMS is seamless

The process of integrating your Zoom account into your TalentLMS portal has three main steps.

  • First, you select Zoom as your main video conferencing platform in TalentLMS.
  • Next, you log in to Zoom to connect your account to TalentLMS.
  • And lastly, you enter the Zoom API Key into TalentLMS.

And for more information, TalentLMS provides a detailed guide to walk you step-by-step through the Zoom integration process.

2. You can schedule virtual instructor-led training sessions right in TalentLMS

Scheduling any kind of meeting becomes more challenging when your entire staff is working remotely. Employees aren’t a few desks away, or available for a quick chat in the kitchen anymore. But scheduling training doesn’t have to be a headache when you have an LMS to help with the process.

When an instructor logs in to the TalentLMS platform, they can set up a virtual ILT session in just a few steps. They select the date and time for the session to take place, and provide a title and description.

The instructor can choose how long the session will last, and can also put a cap on the number of users that will be allowed to attend.

Users can either self-register or be registered by the instructor. Regardless of how the user is registered, the platform allows you to set up notifications so that every person attending will receive a reminder before the session.

Since training will take place remotely, instructors will select the “Webinar” option when creating the event. If you’ve integrated your platform with Zoom, then a “join webinar” link will automatically be shared with the instructor and every registered user. No more remembering to create a link, or searching for it to join the conference call!

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3. You can quickly track who registers and attends sessions

When a training session takes place in person, it’s easy to see who’s attending and who’s not. But when 20 people are on one conference call, keeping track of everyone becomes a challenge.

The TalentLMS platform keeps track of who has registered for the virtual ILT session, and Zoom keeps track of who actually attends, and for how long. Tracking attendance is a key step in ensuring that your remote training is just as effective as your in-person training.

4. You can create and assign pre-session training material

So you’ve integrated the platform with Zoom, set up your training session, and registered users to attend. But how can you make sure the actual training session itself is effective?

One way is to provide users with pre-session material. In the days leading up to the virtual ILT, you may find it useful to share some background knowledge about what will be discussed with the users who will attend. This resource could be an infographic, a list of what will be covered, an introductory article on the topic— anything that helps get every learner on the same page.

If you already have this information stored on your computer, you can simply upload it into the platform for your users to access. TalentLMS allows you to upload PDFs, PowerPoints, audio, and video materials.

If you don’t have pre-prepared materials, you can create content directly in TalentLMS. Once your content is ready for users, you can assign it to them and specify a due date prior to the date of the session. And of course, you can check who has or hasn’t completed the assignment on time.

There are key benefits to sharing training materials with your employees prior to the ILT. Providing content to review beforehand can save the instructor time during the lesson, as they won’t have to fill in any initial knowledge gaps for specific people. It also gives users an idea of what to expect during the ILT, and they can prepare questions or points for discussion ahead of time.

Why you should pair Zoom with online training software - TalentLMS Blog

5. You can assign tests after the training session

After the virtual ILT takes place, chances are you’ll probably want to evaluate the effectiveness of your training session. This, too, can happen right in the TalentLMS platform. You can create and assign a test to all of the users who participated. The platform allows you to create various types of test questions, including multiple-choice, fill in the blank, matching, ordering, and free-text responses.

Evaluating the group’s performance on the assessment will provide valuable insight as to whether or not the virtual ILT was conducted successfully. Instructors can then improve future training, and follow up with users on problem areas.

Take the stress out of remote training

Transitioning day-to-day company operations from in-office to remote (fully or not) comes with a lot of logistical challenges. Communication, scheduling, onboarding, and many other tasks are not as straightforward as they were when they were happening in the office.

But when it comes to training remotely, pairing TalentLMS with Zoom is the key to eliminating these hurdles. You can integrate TalentLMS with other major video conferencing tools as well, (like BigBlueButton, and GotoMeeting) using the same steps. TalentLMS is there to help make sure all things training keep running smoothly, and that it’s “business as usual”.

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