TalentCast 1: How to create randomized tests

Randomized Tests Important part of the changes we introduced in our latest update, on November 30th was the way you create Randomized tests.

Randomized tests are based on the philosophy that:

  • A variety of evaluation material can be used to better comprehend the real knowledge acquired by the learner.
  • Not all students test the same; by ensuring variety you engage with a larger group of learners and receive more whole results.

We introduced randomized tests on our first birthday, and quickly took steps to review their rate of use and efficiency.

We realized that the creation was easy, but you had to select a pool of questions for each randomized question you wanted to create.

We now give you the option to use directly in a test as many question as you like from a single question-pool.

Here’s a video to demonstrate how we can create a test using normal questions, as well as a randomized question:

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