Happy 5th birthday, TalentLMS
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Happy 5th birthday, TalentLMS

What a ride it has been! Five years have passed since TalentLMS was first released and for all of us here at Epignosis, it has been a busy period but loads of fun! For this significant milestone, we have decided to take a look back at the journey so we can see how far we have come.

From the very first day, on October 5th of 2012, TalentLMS got us excited. As it rapidly grew, we saw its demand and quickly recognized the success that it would have.

What started as a small internal project has surpassed our expectations to become not only our flagship product but one of the leading players in the global LMS market. Most importantly, it has helped thousands of businesses to train their people in a smarter, faster, and more effective way.

Our mission statement when we started this journey was to leverage the Cloud to empower individuals and organizations — and to do it all with the right customer-centric principles, the brightest people, and the best technologies.

Five years, lots of customers and a slew of awards later, we are still powered by those same principles, and we are more than ever determined to continue moving the eLearning technology forward to cater to evolving business needs.

Our track record speaks for itself: step by step, we have grown TalentLMS into an ever more powerful platform, adding tons of major new features, expanding our integration options, polishing the user experience, and even releasing two native full-featured mobile applications (for Android and iOS) to supplement your desktop learning.

After all these years, we are still humbled by the success of TalentLMS and the positive feedback that we receive from our customers — whether it comes from small local businesses or huge multinationals.

And while five years is just an arbitrary number of rotations of the Earth around the Sun, for us they also mark a milestone in TalentLMS’ successful transition from a vision to a reality.

So, we’ve put these five years in retrospect, starting from the very beginning, and after a long and thorough look in the mirror, we’ve come up with the following fun facts.

TalentLMS' 5th Birthday Infographic

Here’s to 5 years of TalentLMS, and here’s to you, our loyal customers ― and to the future of the platform!

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