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Just Like Magic: The TalentLMS Automations You Need

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Arnie and Sylvester got old. Jean-Claude Van Damme has too many names. Jason Statham is repeating himself. Matt Damon’s heart is in his more “serious” roles.

It’s no wonder that nowadays TalentLMS is my favorite action hero.

Only, instead of saving the world from evil masterminds and their strongmen, TalentLMS’ Automations let you kicks butt by making manual and repetitive tasks in your eLearning portal a thing of the past.

A Great Feature By Any Name

I speak, of course, of TalentLMS Automations — a feature which we used to call Actions, but recently decided to rename to better reflect their functionality.

Automations allow you to select certain actions to be automatically performed by TalentLMS when a specific event occurs.

You might, as an example, use Automations to assign a course to your learners when they complete a previous course. Or to end a learner’s “lease” of a course when their certification expires, so that they have to purchase it again and get re-certified.

Automations are based on events (things that might happen) and actions (what the system should do when they do happen). There is a certain number of event and action combinations you can use (which we keep adding to), and they are all parametrizable (we’ll get to that in a moment).

Note that Automations are available from the Plus or the Basic Unlimited plans and upwards. If your plan doesn’t offer them, you might want to upgrade (they’re really quite handy — plus you’ll get all the other features and benefits of the larger tier).

Creating Your Own Automations

To start working with TalentLMS Automations and become a bona fide action hero, you will need to log in to your TalentLMS eLearning portal as an Administrator.

Already in? Now visit the Events Engine section, and select the Automations option from the top right. You will be shown a tabular listing of all of your existing Automations, with options to edit or delete any of them.

Of course, if you haven’t yet created any, that list will show nothing at all. To fix this, click on the “+ Add Automation” button, enter a name for your new TalentLMS Automation, and select a type from the dropdown menu.

There are 13 TalentLMS Automations available thus far (not superstitious, are you?), and they are:

▪ Z hours after course X assignment, assign course(s) Y

▪ Z hours after course X completion, assign course(s) Y

▪ Z hours after course X certification expiration, reset and assign course(s) Y

▪ Z hours before course X expiration, assign course(s) Y

▪ Z hours before course X certification expiration, reset and assign course(s) Y

▪ On course X completion, assign course(s) Y

▪ On course X completion, with a score between K and L, assign course(s)

▪ On course X completion call URL

▪ On course X completion, give Z points

▪ On course X certification expiration, reset and assign course(s) Y

▪ On course X certification expiration, reset and remove course(s) Y

▪ Deactivate a user if Z hours have passed since last login

▪ Z hours after user signup, assign course(s) Y

Remember when we said earlier that Automations are parametrizable? This is what all this alphabet soup of K, L, X, Y and Z’s you see above is about. They are placeholders which you get to substitute with the appropriate actual values for your event and action.

For example, if you create an Automation based on the following template:

On course X completion, give Z points

You’ll be asked to determine which course X is and how many points you want to be awarded to the learner that completes it.

Similarly, if you opt to create an Automation based on this template:

Z hours after course X completion, assign course(s) Y

You’ll need to fill in the Z, X, and Y values, for example as such:

“24” hours after course “English 1” completion, assign course(s) “English 2”.

And just like that (after you’ve saved your new Automation), any learner that has completed “English 1” will be assigned “English 2” the very next day — and you won’t need to lift a finger for that to happen.

Almost Done

And that’s really all you need to know to know about TalentLMS Automations.

Almost all of them are similar to the examples above, and each automates a common TalentLMS action (manual assignments, mass grading, etc).

There is one exception, though: an Automation that was only recently (-ish) added to TalentLMS: “On course X completion, call URL Z”. This is the first (but probably not the last) TalentLMS Automation that talks to external systems, and it’s arguably the most versatile of the lot.

So much so, in fact, that we’ve devoted a whole post to this TalentLMS’ Automation alone!


In this post, we had a look at TalentLMS Automations, our great time-saving feature which some of you might remember by another name, as it used to be called Actions.

TalentLMS Automations let administrators, well, automate, all kinds of manual and menial tasks related to their training program, and are extremely easy to setup and leverage, even for inexperienced users.

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