TalentLMS Features & Updates

TalentLMS new features – Multiple languages, TinCan, more…

TalentLMS new features – Multiple languages, TinCan, more…We would like to personally thank all of you who helped us spread the news about TalentLMS. It has been 7 weeks since our official release and more than 1400 accounts have been created since then! We have very ambitious plans for TalentLMS and we will keep improving it with new features whilst maintaining its aesthetic integrity and simplicity.

Today we would like to announce a new product update that includes many important additions. Continue reading for a list of what’s new!

Multiple languages, multiple features

As well as English we now support German, Spanish, French and Greek. You can modify the language of your system from your Account settings. Stay tuned for additional languages in the near future!


New features – TinCan API

We have engineered support for TinCan, a new protocol that fits well with TalentLMS since it is simple and built with mobile applications in mind. TinCan is the successor of SCORM. For more info on TinCan check the following blog post (TinCan demystified).


Big file uploads

We have increased the upload limit to 100MB/file for small accounts and 300MB/file for bigger accounts. The conversion speed for your uploaded video has been increased as well.
Did you know that we convert all video files so you can play it in any device?


iFrame support

Feel free to embed full web-pages directly with this new unit type.


Branch improvements

This update comes with several improvements on Branches including branch-specific payment collection and support for mapping between external domains and branches. Each branch can have its own language.


SCORM improvements

We streamlined the SCORM support especially for Articulate products like StoryLine.


Other improvements

A lot of additional improvements including: a new survey question type (open-answers); countdowns on each form element; export for grids;more supported currencies and several API improvements. Also, you ought to check out the improved WordPress plugin.


Help us serve you better!

Have a suggestion for future improvements? Feel free to make suggestions or vote for your desired features at our UserVoice portal.

Until the next time – Have fun and keep learning!

  • I sure hope you are going to offer Dutch soon as well!

    • Athanasios Papagelis

      Is under development actually 🙂

  • Can I expect Japanese version? Or, is there any way to use this service for Japanese people?

    • Athanasios Papagelis

      Hi Keiichiro,

      We use a system called transifex (www.transifex.com) to translate talentlms. If you would like to help with Japanese translatio I would welcome you to create an account there and send me your login so I can add you to the Japanese translation team.

  • Will the Russian language? loved your product, we want to be widely used in our university for distance learning, but need the Russian language.
    Sincerely, Alexander

  • Hi Athanasios
    I am not a talentlms-user yet, but in the proces of selecting LMS system for our school system. We use Articulate Storyline for elearning and need an LMS where we can transfer test results from Storyline into the lms-system in an easy way. How would that be done in talentlms?
    is a Danish version available?


  • Athanasios Papagelis

    Hello Ole,

    There is a Danish version of talentlms already! You can select it within the system.