Turning up the heat: summer TalentLMS update released
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Turning up the heat: summer TalentLMS update released

Sometimes you log into your TalentLMS portal and you can immediately tell that there has been a new update — there is some big redesign or some major hot new features that you can’t miss.

Our latest update, which just recently landed on the TalentLMS cloud, is not one of those releases. See, while our top secret R&D team is burning the midnight oil working on major new functionality that is poised to land sometime later this year, for this release we chose to focus on workflow improvements, long requested enhancements and overall polish.

That’s not to say that this release doesn’t have any new features. On the contrary, there are plenty of those, but they are all, by and large, incremental enhancements aiming at improving TalentLMS’ existing functionality.

If during these last few days you had the feeling that your TalentLMS portal got better across the board but could not quite pinpoint in what way, well, now you know. It’s all the little things that individually you might not even notice at first, but collectively make a big difference.

Piqued your interest? Let’s see what summer Santa has brought you:

1) A brand new document viewer, offering better support for PowerPoints, Word Documents, PDFs, and numerous other file formats.

The new viewer, which integrates with Box Platform’s content-handling and rendering service, allowed us to build a best in class content viewing experience and will be the foundation for more innovative content-related TalentLMS features down the road.

2) An improved embedded code editor for your portal customization and content authoring pleasure.

Leveraging CodeMirror, a popular open source web-based editor project, the new editor is available everywhere you might need to edit HTML, CSS or JavaScript in TalentLMS, such as when editing portal themes and certificate templates, or when authoring training content in code view mode (accessible through the “</>” button).

Perhaps not a feature for everyone, but advanced users who swear by the code view mode will surely appreciate TalentLMS’ new, more robust and powerful, editor.

3) The ability to upload files directly from your Google Drive account by entering the “shareable link” for the file in the “upload from external URL” text field.

(Note that this option only applies to files uploaded to Google Drive, not to files created inside the service).

4) Loads of Reports-related improvements, including revamped user filtering options for your Custom Reports, improved accuracy for test scores in SCORM Reports, tracking of Course rule changes in the timeline view, and additional progress details shown in the Course and User reports (namely, time spent on each unit, and date and time of completion).

5) Several modern Certificate templates added, along with the option to select “Course score” as a tag in your certifications and notifications.

Also new is the ability to restrict notifications for “certification expiration” to only apply to particular courses.

6) Marketplace improvements, including the ability to sort courses based on rating, and to use the course provider as a filter to narrow down the displayed courses.

7) Several new Automation options, focusing on compliance training scenarios. Specifically, these new automations are now available: (a) Z hours after course X failure, assign course(s) Y, (b) hours after course X completion, with a score between K and L, assign course(s).

In addition, the automation “Deactivate a user if Z hours have passed since last login” now also applies to users who have never logged in following their initial registration date.

There were also many big and small usability improvements touching all aspects of TalentLMS’ operation.

These include a streamlined login screen redesign, additional sorting options of Discussions threads, a new “learner status” column on a Course’s Users listing, CSS/JS tabs on the Themes management page, and automatic assignment of new questions to the currently active test.

Last, but not least, there are also new gamification and notification options, and a new REST endpoint for removing users from a Branch.

Oh, and TalentLMS is now موجود در فارسی (that’s “available in Persian”, for our non-Farsi speaking readers).

This new localization option has been added to our existing long list of languages (including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and many more).

Of course, and even though we haven’t covered them here, the new release also brings the usual assortment of fixes, engine optimizations, and performance improvements.

To get the full breakdown of the new features (including a detailed listing of all the bugs fixed in this release), have a look at the Release Notes page.

We are certain that you will enjoy the new release, and, as always, we welcome your feedback and feature suggestions. And, as has been the case with all of our updates, there are no installation or maintenance steps required.

Our teams have already rolled out the new release to every customer Cloud account — all you now have to do is to just log into your TalentLMS portal and enjoy it!

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