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TalentLMS Cloud Update Is Raining Exciting New Features

Oh hi. Your TalentLMS portal just got better.

And you didn’t have to do anything about it. Nice, right?

It’s not one of those big heavy releases, but with our frequent update schedule it doesn’t have to be: we’d rather roll out new functionality as soon as it is ready for the forefront instead of holding stuff back and giving it to you all at once.

That said, the new release brings a number of important new features that will be a godsend for the customers that need them (you know who you are). Plus, it landed just after the release of the TalentLMS mobile app and the new native Shopify integration plugin.

So, let’s see what this new release brings to the table, aside from the usual assortment of fixes, performance improvements and polish:

First, there are several new security settings, mostly concerned with the TalentLMS login options. Specifically, administrators can now set a password expiry policy, and define a number of maximum retries for unsuccessful login attempts, as well as a locking period.

Combined, these new features will strongly protect your eLearning portal against brute force hacking attacks.

Talking about login options, TalentLMS now allows to setup a different Single-Sign-On method per Branch. This feature comes directly from customer requests, and is perfect for enterprises and organizations with multiple facilities, each with its own intranet and SSO configuration.

Next, there are a couple of goodies for TalentLMS learners.

Namely, we’ve added a new Learner Search function, allowing learners to search within shared files, courses and units that they have completed. Quite a time-saver, especially for learners who are enrolled in many courses.

learner search_cloud update


Plus, TalentLMS can now connect to LinkedIn, allowing learners to post their training Certifications directly on their LinkedIn profiles.

share training certifications_cloud update


Last, but not least, this release brings several new features related to content creation:

Smart Tags allow you to extend your content with placeholder tags that are translated in real time to personalized content (e.g., Hello {username}). If you’ve used the Events/Notifications features, you already know how to use them.

smart tags_cloud update


Course custom fields allow you to extend your courses with additional data fields, similarly to how you can extend User Profiles. Besides keeping some business-specific information for your classes, this feature will also be handy for reporting, filtering, mass actions and in any other places where you want to operate on a subset of courses.

Speaking of courses, instructors can now configure an alternative course start screen that can be set to display any kind of course related information, welcome message etc., to learners visiting the course page.

Test analysis has also been enhanced, now giving you the option to switch between First and Last execution of a test, thus letting you see how your learners progressed from their first try until they finally passed a test.

Finally, we added the ability to incorporate and reuse Wistia videos in your courses, in the same way that you can reuse YouTube and Vimeo videos. Wistia, in case you haven’t heard of it, is an hosting service for business videos, a “YouTube for the enterprise” so to speak, that’s quite popular with a lot of our customers.

And that’s about it. Come to think of it again, it’s not that small a release. And it’s already available on your TalentLMS portal, without you having to lift a finger. Ain’t the Cloud grand?

  • Nina Teague

    Thank you TalentLMS these updates are awesome! Will students be able to see the new course fields?

    • Alex Chaidaroglou

      Thanks for your kind words! This functionality is not available yet, but it’s in our roadmap and will be available with our next release, so stay tuned 🙂

  • alex_production

    I am a current TalentLMS client, we do not see the Wistia Video integration, has this feature been deployed yet? Furthermore, I would like mention that I have brought this up multiple times in the past to your development team. Your Shopify Integration needs to have a “redirect” feature where when someone purchases a class from Shopify it redirects them seemlessly into the TalentLMS portal ( they only need to set their password ). Other companies offer this feature such as LearnUpon, LitmosLMS, and Paradiso. I faught with the old API integration with Shopify and Zapier and I do believe this is progress but major features/functionality is still missing. Feel free to email me at alex@collabninjas.com. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this.

    • papagel

      Thanks for the feedback Alex. Regarding Wistia, you can create a new “Web content” unit and use Wistia URLs directly. Regarding Shopify I will have our engineer contact you directly to collect suggestions. We plan to offer only the best solution and nothing less 🙂