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Introducing TalentLMS Subscription Payments and the Integrated Calendar

Introducing Subscription Payments and the Integrated Calendar

The new TalentLMS release, which has been rolled-out transparently for all our users, brings with it the usual suite of enhancements, workflow improvements and bug-fixes. What we’re mostly enthusiastic about, though, are the two major new features it brings: integrated calendar and support for subscription payments. In this post we’ll walk you through those two features, so you get a good feel of what they now make possible in TalentLMS.

Integrated LMS Calendar

TalentLMS now offers a built-in calendar system. If you’ve ever used Google’s calendar or perhaps MS Outlook’s one, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. What makes ours special is that, by virtue of being integrated to our LMS, it enables you to create and share events related to your e-learning courses to your students, while taking full advantage of the users and groups that you have set up. And, of course, it also has support for course related events out of the box.

From the new Calendar panel, TalentLMS instructors can create and manage events related to conferences or some general topic and set their dates and target audience. They can also mark certain events as recurring (daily or weekly), a nice workflow touch that cuts down on repetitive actions. We believe that you’ll find the new calendar functionality a great help in co-ordinating student activity and course related events. Once you get to use it, you’ll probably agree that it’s one of those “how could I ever live without it” features.

Subscription payments

TalentLMS has long had support for e-commerce and collecting payments for courses through PayPal and Stripe, but in this update we’re stepping up the game. While calendar support is “just” a great workflow addition, subscription payments, the other big change in this update, is a TalentLMS-only feature that opens up the opportunity for a totally new business model for your commercial e-learning services.

Subscriptions allow your end-users to have access to all of your paid courses by paying a single monthly fee, as opposed to the (existing) per course one‐time purchase. Students have access to their payment history and can control their subscription by clicking on the “My payments” option from the sidebar menu. They can also cancel their subscription at any time, in which case they lose their access to your paid courses. Currently subscriptions can only be configured with the Stripe payment processor, but we’re working towards adding PayPal support in the future too.

You’ll find that the subscriptions system is quite flexible, allowing you, for example, to define different subscription settings per branch (e.g. have a branch with subscription based courses and another with per-course purchases). You can even provide the same course as an one‐time purchase though a branch and as part of a subscription in another. So, there you have it ― two great new features added on TalentLMS without any installation or deployment needed on your part. Ain’t cloud software great? Check below a video introduction of the Calendar and Subscription features, and let us know how you find them and what you want to see next in TalentLMS.

  • David Štula

    Thanks for the right features at the exact time we need them! 🙂

  • Luca Maggiolo

    Hi, is it possible to link the calendar to email notifications, for example when we want to inform a user that he only has a few days left before the course expires? Thanks!

    • papagel

      Hello Luca. You can inform a user with an email X days before a course expiration directly within notifications. The calendar will automatically show the courses that have expirations. Those are two different medium to achieve the desired effect – keep the user in the loop 🙂

  • Lovely new features and much appreciated! Don’t see them in my panel yet. Do I need to do something special? Also, the new editor that was rolled out (saw message about it in the support center) — how to access it?

    • papagel

      Hello Vernessa!

      Just send a support request within your talentlms portal and our support team will do the “editor” trick 🙂

  • Katie

    So we can only have 1 e-commerce processor? We like and are all setup with PayPal but would like to try subscriptions, which must be Stripe. Would we have to switch all payments over to Stripe then?

  • papagel

    Hello Katie,

    You can use Branches to overcome this issue. In the main site you can have Paypal and in a Branch you can use Stripe.

    • Katie

      I do not have an option to change a branch to any other processor but PayPal. Do I need to set it up a Stripe account in the main page setup and then revert back to PayPal before it will even become available to branches?

      • papagel

        You have to link your main account with Stripe as well in order to see this option on Branches. No need to select Stripe as the processor for your main domain – you just need the linking 🙂

  • Amy

    If I sign up for the basic subscription $99. a month up to 100 users. Does this cover active users only? What I mean is if I have 100 users and I remove 6 because they are no longer employed, reducing my number to 94. Then I add 6 new hires putting me back up to the 100 mark, will this be considered 106 user. Does it keep a running total for users per month if you remove users and add users?