Where is this button?
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Where is this button?

Customers are smart, and they are usually pretty familiar with our product. They use it all the time and have figured out a lot of the tips and tricks to make it work for their environment. To reach this point, customers sometimes need to contact Customer Support. And, incoming requests are more often created to check if there is a feature that can do what they have in mind, and less to report that something doesn’t work as expected.

We connect everyday with new users who are trying to get familiar with their new TalentLMS portal, or old users who, as they admit, have the memory of a goldfish, and all start with the same line: “I would like to do X. So, where is this button?

Sometimes, things are easy, and our structure and service matches the expectations of our customers. But there are also times that there is not a simple button for performing an action, or our system has not been designed in the way users happen to need, which turns out to be frustrating.

But we’ve noticed a strange paradox: it’s when your customers have a problem and you fix it that they are actually even more satisfied than if they never had a problem in the first place. This phenomenon makes the job more challenging for our team and leads to new exciting features.

Inspired from such cases, it’s worth mentioning an existing feature that has saved much time for our customers and a new feature that it will be much appreciated when it soon arrives: the Custom Reports, and a new Action button that assigns courses to users depending on the “score” of the user within the course.

Custom Reports

If you are registered to a Plus plan or higher, then you most probably have noticed that you have access to custom reports. You missed that? Too bad!

With Custom Reports you can create coherent reports, run filtered lists of learners and then perform mass actions on them. Have you ever thought about how you can remove a course from a group of users? It can be easily done by creating a custom report under the event “select users that belong to group”, run the report and then select to unenroll users from the course from the mass action button. Cool, eh?

New Action

How neat would it be to assign courses based on the score a learner gets on a course? Well, from the next release this feature will become available. Sweet!

Let’s see how this feature works: A learner who needs training on handling a particular type of machines completes a course with a 60% passing score. He can be automatically assigned to the next course, “Machine Basics”. On the other hand, a learner that gets a 95% passing score on the same course will be assigned to the course “Advanced Machines”. If your user requires more training, give it to him! All you need to do is to set up the rule from the Events Engine, and Actions, and the rest are taken care from the system. Note that the course score is calculated from the average scores of all completed Tests & Assignments within the course.

TalentLMS features are born from your ideas and needs!

eLearning is constantly changing, and having a tool that can really train people with less effort for you is a great advantage. And, from our part, providing a team that can listen to your thoughts and turn them into features is a feature in and of itself.

So, the next time you wonder, “Where is this button?”, it all starts with a small click here.

Support button in TalentLMS


About the author: Maria is the Customer Support and Training Assistant for TalentLMS. She likes solving problems and helping people get the best out of their eLearning portal.

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