Wrapping up 2017
TalentLMS Features & Updates

Wrapping up 2017

For the third year in a row, we are sharing an update on how things are progressing around here. 2017 was an incredible year for TalentLMS as we managed to almost double customers, receive numerous industry awards, improve considerably our infrastructure and grow our team.

We also, after years of growth without an investor, secured an external investment that will help us improve the business on all fronts (stay tuned for an important company announcement on that topic).


We remain very active in product development. Our conviction is that, at the end of the day, this is the only way to ensure a high return-on-investment for all our customers. Within this year we introduced things like free SSL for custom domains, “Credits” as a new way to sell your courses, a highly improved ILT engine, and a new visual theme.

On the company level, we introduced TalentCards our microlearning solution for a variety of micro-training, micro-certification, and compliance scenarios. TalentCards is a distinct (and in multiple ways unique) product but it is easy to import your users from TalentLMS (or eFront) and we will soon offer a bundle offering for all our current customers.

Moreover, within 2017, our extremely adaptable and secure enterprise-grade LMS, eFront, was totally rebuilt with a new UI and exciting new features (a lot more about that on eFront’s blog).

We have a family of products now that caters to the varying learning needs of modern organizations. From on-premise to cloud and then to mobile, we have a solution that fits your needs.


TalentLMS is among the top solutions in every category that matters: a high performer for G2Crowd, Best LMS software for FinancesOnline, category leader for GetApp and top-20 regarding affordability, popularity, and user-friendliness for Capterra. One thing is certain, you cannot go wrong by choosing TalentLMS as your online learning solution.

Wrapping up last year: What we did in 2017 and our plans for 2018 - TalentLMS Blog


2017 was a phenomenal year for TalentLMS as we continued to grow at 100% year-on-year. Fast growth companies usually suffer from a deterioration on support handling or infrastructure.

But we managed to overcome those growing hurdles while at the same time we improved on various KPIs like average-time-for-first-answer or total-resolution-time. Our decision for having the support team in-house and in close cooperation with the development team pays through time.


Too many people to mention here and I run the risk of missing someone – so I won’t even try. The thing is that we have considerably grown all teams and we will continue to hire throughout 2018 as needed. Check our open positions and if you find anything interesting, please apply.


What does the future hold?

Thinking about that is an interesting mental exercise although futile at its core. We constantly debate what to build next, how we can provide more value to our customers, how we can grow this business in a way that makes sense financially.

And more, should we add an AI layer or keep it simple? Should we create our own content or build synergies? Is it better to offer more integrations or more reports? How will market dynamics interact with those decisions?

As resources are not infinite we need to make hard decisions daily. And often to be proven wrong by reality. What does not change though is the core mentality of the company, its ethos.

And this company is about being consistent in offering premium products at unbeatable prices. Which brings you, the customer at the core of our offering. As long this is maintained we can figure everything else, including the future, together.

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