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Your LMS: Why SaaS and How SaaS

Why SaaS and how SaaS

Cloud computing is now as common as the broadband internet connection. With the proliferation of mobile data, cloud computing has become more distinct in its capabilities and convenience.

From storage solutions to software sharing, cloud computing has enabled the information consumer and producer to exercise creativity without any platform and geographic location limitations.

SaaS (software as a service) is an implementation of the cloud computing concept that provides multiple and simultaneous software sharing at a lower cost. This cost and ease of use and availability are equal with the stand alone software that is quickly bidding a graceful adieu to the learning and internet technology market.

In this article we describe the market drivers for the adoption of SaaS. We also explain how you as a learning provider in your organization can easily employ and deploy your resources using the power and functionality of a SaaS system.

SaaS has been utilized for several market domains ranging from ecommerce, collaboration, applications, file sharing and learning management systems. Most tech companies like Shopify choose a SaaS LMS.

Why is the market so lucrative for a SaaS learning management system? Why are so many companies offering LMS services as SaaS? What do you need to know about SaaS to work effectively for you, as a training manager?

Several important innovations in the software market have facilitated the growth and acceptance of the SaaS concept. Formerly, the software shared by companies had a client-server infrastructure.

The growth of web-based user interfaces along with the changing role of a consumer to a producer AND a consumer has further decreased the need for client-server applications. A modern approach is to use SaaS, where software versions are automatically updated and support is on-going. The goal here is to lower TCO (total cost of ownership) on an otherwise expensive and dynamic service application and to receive just-in-time support.

Why are SaaS learning management systems so popular? Think about the standardization of web page technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) and the increasing popularity of web development as a practice. The end user now wants to be in control and enjoy total ownership of website design, development and maintenance.

The need for end-user friendly development tools has challenged traditional software vendors. The norm from specialist applications developers is shifting towards DIY (do-it-yourself) applications development tools. These sets of development tools are offered as a SaaS. In our case, the learning management system is equipped with easy to use features and a very short learning curve. This essentially implies that someone with no programming OR content development experience can easily create an eLearning program and launch it or get one from our marketplace.

Below are the main reasons why SaaS is gaining momentum as a profitable business, and how you can benefit by investing in an LMS offered as SaaS:

As mentioned above, the trend of consumers as decision makers has driven the market for SaaS applications like learning management systems. Developers are creating even more appealing features for end-users to enjoy greater control and flexibility on their eLearning programs. The user has a development tool that totaly cuts out the need for an IT department!

SaaS applications are now user and learner-centered. Development solutions are now fine-tuned to ensure that immediate and long-term needs of the end user are met without any hassles and system downtime.

Another appealing advantage of a SaaS LMS is that you can request for additional features to leverage in your corporate learning objectives. Changes further down the road can also be undone or redone to suit your growing organization.

These systems offer great flexibility in terms of features and control. Knowledge sharing and development is also efficient with increased security levels for accessibility. SaaS based learning management systems reach out a globally dispersed audience and maintain deeper collaboration and discussions.

With ongoing development, testing and multiple versions suited for business and institute needs, SaaS based LMS are only getting better.

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