SaaS and eLearning: Why a SaaS LMS is the best LMS
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SaaS and eLearning: Why a SaaS LMS is the best LMS

“It’s on the cloud.”

Remember when hearing that phrase caused your brain to malfunction for a second? Not anymore. Cloud computing has become as common as a broadband internet connection. And as mobile data rises, cloud computing has become even more ubiquitous: perfectly distinct in its capabilities and convenience.

From storage solutions to software sharing, cloud computing has allowed consumers and producers of information to exercise creativity with hardly any limits. There’s no need anymore to be in a specific geographic location or to own a program on your computer to use the software of your choice.

In this article, we’ll address four commonly asked questions.

  1. What is SaaS?
  2. What is a SaaS LMS?
  3. Why are SaaS learning management systems so popular?
  4. What are the advantages of a SaaS LMS?

Let’s start at the beginning.

1. What is SaaS?

SaaS or Software as a Service is essentially the concept of cloud computing put into practice i.e. sharing software that is available on the cloud. By using shared software costs drop. This decrease in cost, its ease of use and availability make SaaS highly competitive. In fact, standalone software is quickly bidding a graceful adieu to the learning and internet technology market.

SaaS is used in several markets ranging from eCommerce, collaboration, applications, file sharing and learning management systems. This leads us to the next question.

2. What is a SaaS LMS?

As you can imagine, a SaaS LMS is a learning management system available on the cloud. Before the rise of cloud computing, the only choice companies had was to buy eLearning software and install it on their servers.

But with a SaaS learning platform, organizations don’t need to invest as much money or as much manpower to the technical part of their training efforts.

We won’t go into those technical details. Instead, here’s what you, a training manager, need to know about a SaaS learning platform.

It’s a much more affordable option than an on-premise solution. You also won’t have to worry about upgrading or troubleshooting. Why? Because don’t forget that the second “S” in SaaS stands for “service”. Automatic upgrades and ongoing support is part of that service.

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3. Why are SaaS learning management systems so popular?

Why is the market so thirsty for a SaaS learning management system? Why are there so many SaaS LMS providers?

Think, for a moment, about the standardization of web page technologies (like HTML, JavaScript, CSS) and the increasing popularity of web development as a practice. The end user now wants to be in control and enjoy total ownership of website design, development, and maintenance.

The need for end-user friendly development tools has challenged traditional software vendors. The norm from specialist applications developers is shifting towards do-it-yourself applications development tools. These sets of development tools are offered as SaaS.

This is exactly the set of circumstances that have led companies to offer learning management systems as a service.

In our case, we built a learning management system equipped with easy-to-use features and a very short learning curve. This means that someone with no programming experience can easily create an eLearning program and launch it. We, essentially hand over control of your learning management system to you.

4. What are the advantages of a SaaS LMS

Now that you know the basics of a SaaS-based LMS and the reason they’re so popular, you’ll want to know you can benefit from investing in a SaaS learning platform.

It’s user-friendly

SaaS LMS vendors are building more and more appealing features for end-users to enjoy greater control and flexibility on their eLearning programs. In fact, not only do we make useful features but we also make them simple to use. This means that you won’t need a dedicated IT person or access to an IT department to launch your eLearning program.

It’s focused on the learner

SaaS applications are now user and learner-centered. Development solutions are fine-tuned to ensure that immediate and long-term needs of the end user are met without any hassles and system downtime.

It’s flexible

Another appealing advantage of a SaaS LMS is that you can request additional features so that you can meet your corporate learning goals. And any changes further down the road can be undone or redone to suit your growing organization. These systems offer great flexibility regarding features and control.

It’s secure but also accessible

Knowledge sharing and development is also efficient with increased security levels for accessibility. SaaS-based learning management systems reach out a globally dispersed audience and maintain deeper collaboration and discussions.


A SaaS learning management system is the best choice for anyone who needs an LMS for training employees, customers, partners or just about any other audience you can think of. It’s a much more affordable option and yet you won’t be compromising on quality.

Do you see now why we recommend a SaaS LMS? Do you have any other questions? Drop them in a comment and we’ll answer them!

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