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Top-notch support with the tickets submitted and then answered quickly Certify Travel & Expense Management

“At Certify we had the challenge of finding a platform that was both streamlined and robust to cater to all of our needs.”

LocationMaine, US
Use caseCompliance Training, Employee Training, Onboarding Training, Partner Training
Size of company


About Emburse Certify

Certify is an easy-to-use, web-based expense management and invoice solution for organizations of every size based in Portland, ME and San Diego, CA. With mobile receipt capture, automated expense report creation and streamlined workflow, Certify eliminates the need for spreadsheets and paper receipts and reduces the time spent creating, approving, and reimbursing while gaining insight into Travel & Expense spend.

The training challenge

Certify needed a platform that would allow us to provide basic training for new employees as well as a way to refresh current employee knowledge as these requirements were not being met. Additionally, we needed to improve the knowledge comprehension around all product offerings in an efficient way as we had noticed that this was not up to our standards.

“At Certify we were not using any training tools at all, we had the challenge of finding a platform, which was both streamlined and robust to cater to all of our needs.”

We needed a solution that would be easy for administrators, instructors, and end users to access and use throughout the process and this proved difficult to find. We also wanted all of their training to be done in the same place so a single source for all employee training was of crucial importance to us.

Why TalentLMS

After researching several vendors and comparing them in terms of ease of use, flexibility, and customer testimonials, we discovered that TalentLMS stood out above the rest given these parameters. TalentLMS was the perfect solution for us. With a clean interface and intuitive design that all of our employees find easy to use, it fit into our organization perfectly and helped us to make great improvements.

The variety of features available to us have allowed us to create many different types of training and training goals. We have more than filled our requirements and our new hire training has been a standardized and consistent process, which ensures that all new employees are given a thorough introduction to our company.

We have been able to combine training for new and existing employees as was our aim and we now use TalentLMS for all of our internal training needs, which includes basic and in-depth product knowledge, platform training, security and compliance training, as well as much more. This has allowed us to ensure that the knowledge being shared is comprehensive and consistent while being provided in an efficient way.

The results

We have seen drastic results and changes since using TalentLMS. Our new hire training timeline has significantly decreased thanks to TalentLMS and now the ramp up time for new hires is much shorter. We have achieved our goals of keeping the knowledge of our employees fresh while introducing a method for inducting new hires.

TalentLMS has also been used to crowdsource training ideas for us and we have subsequently offered training where there are knowledge gaps by popular demand. In addition, TalentLMS has given us top-notch support with the tickets submitted and then answered quickly and always to our satisfaction.

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