Manage online and offline training from one platform with a blended learning LMS

Now, your teams have one unified experience whether your training is online, offline, sync or async, self-paced or webinar-based or even good ol’ in-person learning.

With tools that make

blended learning admin deceptively simple

Easy ILT session setup

Blended learning software gives you the ability to easily set up self-paced online training courses and instructor-led training from a single platform. Set up recurring ILT sessions, whether offline or online, connect ILT sessions to specific online courses, and allow learners to self-register to sessions that interest them.

Blended learning ILT setup

Deliver virtual lessons

Connect the video-conferencing software you want and offer learners – even those around the world – access to real-time virtual instructor-led training as part of your blended learning approach. TalentLMS connects with Zoom Meetings and Webinars, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, and BigBlueButton.

Automate actions & reminders

A blended learning LMS lets you set up automatic notifications to streamline all types of admin work. Now, you can notify learners about new instructor-led training sessions, remind learners a session is starting, notify learners when an ILT session is graded, and notify instructors when a new learner has registered to an ILT session – all automatically.

Blended learning automatic alerts

Evaluate and track blended training

Keep track of your virtual or in-person instructor-led training sessions with the same tool you use to offer self-paced online training courses. The TalentLMS reporting engine supports blended learning by showing an at-a-glance view of all ILT sessions, registered participants, attendees, and grades, while also showing async training progress.  

Two learning methods, one easy platform

What success sounds like


The whole process of putting things into TalentLMS is delightfully easy. I love that I have never, ever had a problem accessing the content from TalentLMS, and neither has anyone who reports to me (which is about 96% of the company). The system has never gone down, so TalentLMS is very near and dear to us.



TalentLMS has revolutionized our working processes. We no longer have this burden hanging over us and can now conduct our training with ease.



Beyond a seamless experience, the ability to streamline and automate many processes has allowed us to invest our resources in developing a delightful learning experience.


Discover more TalentLMS features

  • Communication tools

    Stay in touch with personal messaging, calendars and forums to encourage engagement.

  • Certifications

    Create accredited courses and automatically remind learners that their certifications are expiring. 

  • Gamification

    Help training adoption by activating the gamification engine and reward learners with points, badges, and more.

  • Mobile learning

    Put training at your peoples’ fingertips with the TalentLMS mobile app. Now, training is really accessible anywhere, anytime.

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