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An all-star LMS that works with SSO

TalentLMS’s Single Sign-On features enable LMS - SSO integration with various identity providers.
Let your team take their training with login credentials they already own
and offer a seamless learner experience.

Companies that trust TalentLMS

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No more passwords on post-its:
TalentLMS enables LMS - SSO integration

Identity Providers | TalentLMS - SSO

Choose from a long list of SSO identity providers for your LMS

In tech-speak, TalentLMS acts as a Service Provider through Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0), LDAP, or OpenIdConnect. You can exchange authorization data between TalentLMS and Identity Providers.

In plain language, some of the SSO providers we integrate with include Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure AD, ADFS, Google Apps, and more.

Accessible Training | TalentLMS - SSO

Making learning easier and more accessible

Don’t let “I forgot my password”  be a barrier to learning.

Use SSO with your LMS to make your learning hub even more intuitive. Get your users to engage with training by logging in easily, and never have them reset their passwords again.

See how else TalentLMS guarantees your success:

Integration | TalentLMS

Works well with others

TalentLMS integrates with all the tools you already use. Get out-of-the-box powerful integrations and never switch between platforms again.

Features | TalentLMS

Checks all your boxes

From course building and management to training delivery and reporting, our features take the hassle out of your employee training initiative.

Customer Support | TalentLMS

Secures your success

Our teams will get you on track to success, whether you have questions about your LMS and SSO implementation or other features.

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