Accounting Ethics


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Course overview

Accounting scandals have rocked the world in recent years, hurting investors, employees, and the general public. For those working in finance, there’s never been a more important time to consider accounting ethics.

The complexity of accountancy means work must be trustworthy and carried out with professional integrity. Living by accounting ethical standards can help you demonstrate sound judgment, trustworthiness, and a willingness to do the right thing. This course will show everyone how.

What's covered

How ethical accounting standards contribute to fairer financial activity

The challenges to auditor independence

The 5 fundamental principles of ethical behavior

Why your teams need this course

Accountants and auditors, and anyone who works in finance, need an awareness of accounting ethics. In this course they’ll learn about the importance of ethical accounting. They’ll gain an understanding of the challenges auditors face, and learn to implement the 5 principles of ethical behavior.

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