Asbestos Hazard Management


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Course overview

Lots of things can pose risks to workers. Obvious hazards are everywhere you look, like elevated areas that could be easy to fall off, slippery floors, trailing wires, electricity… The list is endless. But, as well as the risks you can see, you also need to be concerned about the ones you can’t. 

The air that we take for granted can easily be contaminated with hazardous particles. And of those, asbestos is one of the most dangerous. It can have devastating effects on employees’ health. So, OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has a set of safety standards that must be complied with, to protect workers from asbestos exposure.

What's covered

The health effects of exposure to asbestos

Conducting risk assessments to assess asbestos hazards

Implementing safety procedures to handle asbestos safely and effectively

Why your teams need this course

It’s your leaders’, managers’, and health-and-safety managers’ responsibility to make sure asbestos exposure risks are minimized. This course will examine the health risks of asbestos exposure, how to assess the danger, and how to put in place safety procedures.

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