PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)


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Course overview

If you’ve ever been injured at work, you’ll know that safety in the workplace is no laughing matter. From chemicals to falling objects, loud noises to dizzying heights, every workplace comes with its own hazards that could potentially cause serious injury or illness. 

The good news is, by wearing Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, your workers can minimize their exposure to workplace hazards. Correct selection and use of PPE mean your workers’ risk of personal injury or long-term medical conditions is significantly reduced. This course covers essential OSHA guidance on PPE and tells them what they need to know to keep themselves safe.

What's covered

How to identify when PPE is necessary

The different types of PPE and their uses/limitations

How to use appropriate PPE depending on the circumstance

What training you need to use your specific PPE correctly

Why your teams need this course

This course is aimed at workers across all industries. They’ll learn when, why, and what type of PPE is needed to ensure their safety in different circumstances. They’ll also gain an understanding of what further training they need depending on the kind of PPE they’re using.

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