Communicating with a Millennial


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Course overview

Forget everything you might have heard about “millennials”. These brilliant young people are an integral part of the population and the generation that will one day inherit control of the workplace and economy in the near future. We’ve all got to be able to communicate effectively.

Traditional communication, such as meeting in person and talking over the phone are gradually being replaced or supplemented with tech-based solutions. Many millennials don’t have much experience in them, as odd as that might seem. So, how can they feel comfortable using them? This course helps you find the best ways to communicate comfortably for everyone’s benefit.

What's covered

What are some ways to communicate more effectively

How to demonstrate that you understand millennials’ values

How to recognize the benefits of good communication

communicating with a millennial online training course

Why your teams need this course

It may seem like a hassle to try to cater to some of the needs of millennials, but since they will be playing some of the leading roles in the workforce of the future, it’s better to engage and embrace different methods of communication now. You simply can’t run a business working alongside millennials or sell to them as customers if you don’t. Get ahead of the curve and find out how.

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