Dealing with Difficult Personalities


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Course overview

We all know someone who can be bossy or a bit of a know-it-all, don’t we? How about someone who always criticizes or doesn’t contribute and lets others pick up the slack? Politely, we describe them as ‘difficult’.

Dealing with pleasant, positive people is easy. But everyone goes through a period in their life when they aren’t at their best or are ‘difficult’, at least from someone else’s point of view.

Whether it’s a ‘one-off’ or a permanently difficult personality you’re dealing with, being able to maintain a relationship with them in the workplace is vital for achieving goals successfully.

What's covered

How to be assertive with someone difficult

How to keep a clear narrative and communicate successfully

How to deal with difficult people

How to defuse difficult encounters

Different types of difficult people

dealing with difficult personalities online training course

Why your teams need this course

Dealing with ‘difficult’ people can be, well, difficult. But your ability to deal with different types of people may influence your success and overall happiness more than many other skills you might develop, so it’s important stuff. This course will help by teaching you coping and negotiating strategies for dealing with those difficult people in your life.

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