Dealing with the Change – Team Dynamics


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Course overview

Winning a promotion is great, while it also comes with challenges. One of the most significant challenges is the shift in team dynamics. Most people will be happy for the person receiving the promotion, but some colleagues may have mixed or even negative feelings toward them in the wake of their move up the corporate ladder.

There’s no denying that team dynamics do naturally change when someone gets a promotion, and this change in relationships can be difficult to handle. But dealing with it in a positive way can result in a positive shift in dynamics for everyone involved. This course is designed to show the learner how to do so.

What's covered

Identifying the ways in which relationships with colleagues might be changed following promotion

Recognizing and avoiding behaviors that can promote negative feelings among colleagues following a promotion

Adopting positive behaviors to help adjusting to a new team dynamic

Why your teams need this course

This course is perfect for anyone about to receive a promotion, as good preparation for adjusting to changing team dynamics. If they’re moving up in the office hierarchy, then relationships will be affected, and this course is designed to help them with this big transition. During the course, they’ll discover how their relationships with their colleagues might be affected by their promotion and how they can avoid behaviors that might create negative feelings.

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