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Course overview

In many workplaces, any mention of the word “meeting” is met with a collective sigh. That’s usually because people’s experience is of ineffective meetings which they see as boring, pointless, and a waste of valuable time.

Like any task, holding an effective meeting needs careful planning and set goals to identify who should be involved and what should be discussed. Done right, this will dispel the myth of “boring” meetings in your workplace and, importantly, streamline the meeting process, leading to more successful outcomes.

What's covered

How to plan effective meetings

How to implement meeting etiquette

How to create actions and set goals

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Why your teams need this course

If you’ve ever been in a pointless meeting, you’ll know how irritating it can be. As a leader, you can change that. Regardless of your experience in leadership, this course will benefit you. It gives useful advice on the things you need to know, and do, to deliver effective, focused, and purposeful meetings, to improve outcomes. Streamlining your meetings like this will not only save time but it will have positive effects on the performance of your team, and your business.

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