Managers vs Leaders


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Course overview

So, you’re a manager, right? Great! It’s tough getting there, and your experience and hard work have paid off! But are you a leader? Many people say they’re the same thing. Although they do come hand in hand, to really be a leader you need to level up on skills.

The main difference between leaders and managers is that leaders have vision. They’re constantly driving towards the bigger picture, while managers maintain the status quo, often focusing on organizing others’ ideas to reach set goals. You might have great management skills like coordinating teams, delegating tasks, and monitoring progress, but what if the safety net of working from someone else’s vision is removed? To be a successful leader, you need to think like one.

What's covered

How to compare management and leadership

What are the different leadership styles

How to develop your leadership skills

managers vs leaders online training course

Why your teams need this course

By developing your leadership skills, you’ll improve your confidence and creativity, and inspire your team to do the same. Becoming a leader gives you the ability to truly lead your team to a goal, boosting morale and the performance of your business. This course will benefit those new to leadership by giving useful advice to help start the journey towards being an inspirational leader.

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