How to Master Your Attention


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Course overview

In these days of constant communications, it’s pretty easy to become distracted. It’s tempting to check messages immediately, but with deadlines looming, they’re a distraction everyone could really do without. With blinking, buzzing, or bleeping tech surrounding your teams, mastering their attention is a key skill to learn to avoid distractions.

Whether working or making the most of their free time, paying attention is important for reaching goals. But it’s not just their productivity that it affects. Paying attention is essential for effective communication, learning, collaboration, and professional growth. This course will show your employees how to master their attention.

What's covered

How mindfulness can help you stay focused on important tasks

Setting your priorities effectively by using effective time-management techniques and setting SMART goals

Simple strategies for building positive habits

Why your teams need this course

By focusing their attention, your teams can extract valuable knowledge, contribute to conversations, establish meaningful connections, and comprehend key points more easily. It’ll also make them more productive.

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