Managing your own Decisions


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Course overview

Life is full of little uncertainties. It can be hard to predict and full of twists and turns. The stakes can feel pretty high sometimes, and often they really are. When it comes to making decisions that affect our own life, we might find committing to uncertain outcomes difficult.

Still, people need to take some risks if they want to accomplish new and exciting things. When people learn to make confident decisions despite uncertain outcomes, they start moving toward where they want to be in life, instead of where it feels safest. This course will show everyone how.

What's covered

How to accept uncertainty and take risks anyway

How to distinguish between risky and rash decisions

How to make rational, positive decisions despite the fear of short-term failure

Why your teams need this course

This course is for anyone interested in making decisions more confidently in their personal and professional lives. They’ll learn how to make decisions despite uncertainty and risk and see the benefits this approach brings.

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