Project Management Methodologies Part 1


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Course overview

Life is full of projects. Whether in your work or homelife, there’s always a task with a defined set of end goals that need completing. It might be a large-scale, multi-stakeholder deal for your company, or it could even be something as simple as cooking a meal or planning your next vacation. So, getting project management right is a must.

In business, effective project management helps ensure success and maximize productivity. But achieving the ideal project management strategy can be challenging, and needs to be tailored to suit each project. Thankfully, there are methodologies to help you do this. But which one should you choose?

What's covered

What the principles of the Waterfall, Agile, Hybrid, and Scrum methodologies are

What the pros and cons of each methodology are

How to identify and employ the most suitable methodology for your business

Why your teams need this course

Business success relies on effective project management, so having a range of methodologies to call on is vital to succeed as a project manager. Whether you’re new to the role, or a seasoned professional wanting to refresh, this course is for you. Over 2 parts, it will examine the most widely used methodologies, looking at their pros and cons, and the project styles they are most suited to. This course is part 1 of a 2-part set.

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