Activity and Resource Planning


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Course overview

The poet Robert Burns once wrote that even the best plans often go wrong. While this poem might be part of history now, the message from this isn’t. Plans, however well made, have the potential to fall apart if they’re not properly managed.

In project management, making sure things run as smoothly as possible is essential for ensuring that goals are achieved. This requires careful consideration and the ability to “keep all the plates spinning.” Activity and resource planning forms a large part of that process.

What's covered

What the role of activity and resource planning within project management is

What the importance of effective activity and resource planning is

How to use techniques to create effective activity and resource plans

Why your teams need this course

Whether you’re undertaking small or large-scale projects, creating accurate activity and resource plans helps you identify and mitigate problems to keep the process running smoothly. For new project managers and those wishing to refresh, this course can help you do that effectively. It will examine exactly what resource and activity planning involves and why it’s a crucial part of successful project management. It will also guide you through tried and tested methods and practices to help you successfully plan this crucial stage of your projects.

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