Sustainable Construction


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Course overview

You know those futuristic cities you see in the movies? Well, they’re building “smart cities” just like that, right now – even in the places where you’d think building materials would be scarce, like the middle of the desert. As well as all the ultra-modern technology, what makes these cities “smart” is that they’re sustainable.  

Sustainable construction means using methods and materials that limit (or even eliminate) adverse effects on the environment. Whether you’re building an entire city or a simple outbuilding, you can reduce your impact on the environment by following sustainable practices, optimizing energy efficiency, and implementing green technology.

What's covered

The principles of sustainable construction

Techniques and practices of sustainable construction

The benefits of sustainable construction

Why your teams need this course

Whether you work in the construction industry, or you have plans to engage a contractor for a building project, it’s important to know about the benefits of sustainable construction. The world is facing major challenges in terms of climate change and finite natural resources. There’s no doubt that we need to keep building, but we need to do so responsibly.

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